Elon Brings More Fun Back to Twitter With a Little Help From William Shatner – Opinion

Elon Musk isn’t even in full control of Twitter yet, but he’s already brought back some fun to the platform.

He owned Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), and she tried to buy Twitter.

Although it’s not sexist, she is funny and reminds us of the way that anyone criticizing her accuses her of trying dating her.

AOC continues to struggle, and is trying to get back on track. She deleted a response to Musk, claiming that she was talking about Mark Zuckerberg, then tried to accuse Musk of having “ego problems.”

No, AOC, the one with the ego issues is the one who can’t take criticism, thinks that everyone wants to date her–and still can’t let it go after she goes down in flames. She’s now recycling tweets that she deleted.

Musk is now having more fun with William Shatner. Musk doesn’t want to date her; he’s more intrigued with Star Trek than her. This speaks volumes for us all.

“BTW, since it seems to be the latest “thing” on here I’m stating that I’m staying on Twitter,” Shatner declared. “Besides I think @elonmusk is adorbs. Also, full disclosure: I’m trying to pitch Elon to hire me as face of Twitter. #dumpthebird”

“You will always be my Captain,” Musk responded with admiration.

He is discussing how Star Trek was his favorite science fiction story. Instead of being an apocalyptic program, he said that it had one sci-fi tale that believed in a brighter future and things would work out.

The Star Wars films were the first that he watched, and he also spoke about his love for them. These were the things that helped to inspire his thoughts on space, and why he’s done some of the things he has.

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