Editor’s Pick: Daily Wire on Virginia AG Blasting CNN’s Acosta

On Wednesday, Daily Wire News reported on how “Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares slammed CNN host Jim Acosta on Wednesday night for suggesting that the commonwealth is now a ‘soviet-style police state’ under Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin.” That came after Acosta ranted Tuesday night: “I seem to remember Glenn Youngkin campaigning in a fleece vest in Virginia….I was told there was going to be a vest, not a Soviet-style police state across the Potomac from Washington.”

The article explained: “Miyares responded to Acosta’s remarks during a Fox News interview with host Sean Hannity on Wednesday night, saying, ‘I think what Jim Acosta said — listen, my family fled Communist Cuba. You want to talk about what ‘Soviet-style’ looks like? It’s the opposite of freedom.’” The piece noted: “Fox News reported that Miyares’ uncle had been arrested at night by communist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s secret police and that their home was ‘nationalized: in the name of fairness and equity.’”

The Daily Wire has the complete article.

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