Econ Dunce Ruhle Spins Millions Leaving Jobs, Admits Inflation is Bad

Following a Tuesday morning jobs report that showed record numbers of people leaving their jobs, NBC Nightly NewsOn Tuesday night, I went into damage control mode and tried to spin for President Biden.

Lester Holt was able to turn the tables in a short segment of approximately 50 seconds. NBCStephanie Ruhle, business correspondent, to bring a smile on the job numbers. Her first thought was to stress that “the headline is dramatic but it doesn’t tell the whole story.”Elle continued by stating that the workforce is shifting in the economy, and that the pandemic was a major part of this powershift. 

Retail and hospitality workers are more likely to be exposed to Covid. Many are now looking for work remotely or in safer environments such as warehouses.

Rule stated that it is a great thing that so many Americans are leaving their jobs and putting pressure on supply chain. She argued right now workers have leverage over employers which means “higher pay, better perks.”



Ruhle did a total 180° from November’s comments that inflation can cause higher prices for people if they admit it. 

There is one downside to this: wages don’t rise as quickly as inflation. And Lester [Holt]Higher pay does not necessarily mean more, especially when all costs are higher.

Ruhle’s late-2013 statement about inflation was completely wrong. What’s changed? 

NewsBusters’ deputy managing editor Nick Fondacaro revealed that Ruhle lectured the middle class Americans trying to purchase groceries and fuel their vehicles. 

Willie is the dirty little secret. [Geist]Although nobody loves to pay more, most people have the means to afford it. 

Ruhle has proven time and time again that she has no clue how the economy or business works, and she’s definitely oblivious to the struggles of everyday Americans.  

Sponsorships were a big part of this segment featuring an economic illiterate NBC News correspondent who attempts to make bad economic news for Democrats. Wayfair & Liberty Mutual. This link allows you to contact them about biased information they finance.  

Below is the transcription of this segment:

NBC Nightly News 


7.10:16 pm

LESTER HOLT: Let’s turn to that report on jobs. In November, a record number of people left their jobs. However, there were 10.6 million open jobs for the month. Stephanie Ruhle is joining us. What’s the secret to these numbers, Stephanie?

STEPHANIE RUHLE, NBC BUSINESS REPORTER: Lester’s headline may be dramatic, but it does not tell the entire story. The workforce is changing. The lower-skilled jobs of hospitality and retail are more vulnerable to Covid. They are increasingly moving to work at home or in more stable environments such as warehouses. This is all good news. Many can leave their jobs and look for work elsewhere, and this is helping employers gain leverage. While higher wages and perks are great, the bottom line is that wages don’t rise as quickly as inflation. Lester says that higher wages don’t necessarily mean more when all costs are greater.

HOLT, Stephanie: Okay. Thanks for placing it into perspective.

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