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In this episode of “CNN being CNN”…

“Mainstream” media sock puppets across the fruited plain continue to gnash their loser-ass teeth over the confirmation on Thursday that “infectious emerging diseases” expert (ahem) did in fact lie to Sen. Rand Paul during intense questioning from the Kentucky Republican about whetHer Fauci authorized — and/or had knowledge of — gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

One of those “mainstream” media sock puppets is CNN host Brianna Keilar, who on Friday continued her hissy fit, calling Paul an “a**,”  prompting Paul’s wife Kelley to return fire at Keilar.

But we’ll get to that in a minute.

We reported last Wednesday that the National Institutes of Health confirmed Fauci’s Director of National Institute of Allergens and Infectious Diseases, (NIAID), to Paul at a Senate hearing held on May 11, 2021.

On Wednesday, Senator Paul won a much-deserved victory lap by sending a single-sense tweet.

‘I told you so’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Rand Paul: 1 Democrat COVID mouthpiece : 0. CNN hardest hit.

And Keilar? Keilar was mad. Then Paul’s wife Kelley stepped in to have a word with the host.

After the publication of the NIH letter — which directly and specifically contradicts what Fauci and NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins have repeatedly claimed (lied about) — Kelley called out Keilar and CBS host Gayle King for their typical sleazy behavior, as reported by The Blaze on Sunday.

Rand demands transparency from Fauci since over a year. Lowbrow tricks like
@brikeilarcnn responded by calling Rand an a** on air. Giggling at GayleKing, Rand mocked Rand and laughed off his point.

Gayle, Brianna: Have you got any thoughts?

Oh, it had to make a mark.

Surprisingly Keilar later apologized for the blatantly biased and non-professional attack on Rand Paul.

Just kidding — the CNN hack doubled down.

Keilar was then gone Seven more tweets — every one of which exemplified what we’ve come to expect from Brianna Keilar, her CNN colleagues, and The Most Trusted Name in News™ in general. Here’s the first:

Per NIH this virus could not have caused COVID-19 by the SARS virus. Sen. Paul, however, might be a chimpanzee.

Wait — I thought Paul was a donkey. This is very confusing.

Keilar kept on digging in six more tweets.

The theory Paul constructs, that Fauci’s covering up how covid is a man-made virus unleashed on the world by the Obama administration because of an NIH research grant awarded in 2014, is not supported by this letter. It’s actually disproven by the information in the letter.

This new information is however alarming. The NIH says the research by grantee EcoHealth Alliance wasn’t aiming to achieve gain-of-function, but it did. That’s potentially dangerous and so they were supposed to report it. They didn’t until now.

Let’s get to the ass. Seeing as Paul is verifiably full of it I do think it’s an apt metaphor. He claimed NYC had “community immunity” from covid when the immunity level was estimated at a meager 22%. At the height of pandemic, he advised Americans to discard their masks.

Paul was also putting others’ health at risk by visiting the senate gymnasium while waiting for a covid result. At the peak of the pandemic, Sen. Paul walked the floor of the Senate without wearing any mask.

Although he had been concerned in the past about pandemics, his concern has not changed for the current one, which has already killed over 700,000 people in the US. Ebola is the virus that has claimed 1,099 lives. Apart from the fact that Ebola occurred while a Democrat president, the difference was significant.

Questions about the oversight of US-funded research should be addressed by Dr. Fauci as well as American public health officials. Public officials are subject to scrutiny. The man who is known for spreading misinformation and Sen. Paul certainly isn’t the one to fill that role.

“A bloviator of misinformation.” Seriously, Brianna Keilar? CNN, seriously?

Do you think CNN would be a reliable news source if it spent as much time researching the facts and not cheerleading for the Democrat Party? (See: “Hell,” “snowball’s chance.”)

So did Kelley Paul.

Rand was the only person to ask these questions. Your network certainly wasn’t. Yet when he did, you resorted to silly name-calling of Rand instead of reporting on the content of his questions or Fauci’s obfuscations. Bloviator for misinformation? You can see the mirror.

Brianna You can go ahead, throw your towel in and let the world know.

CNN had an amazing week, Gang. This means that CNN was CNN. RedState presents a selection of the greatest hits from their career.

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