Doocy Nails WH Over SCOTUS Leak, While Bret Baier Sources Raise Alarm on Timing – Opinion

Perhaps you have seen something unusual in the reactions to the Supreme Court draft opinion regarding Roe v. Wade.

First, Democrats make it seem that the Court draft is final and are attempting to incite anger at the left for midterms.

Second, Democrats are attacking the Court — going against all norms that one doesn’t criticize or try to affect an ongoing case, not to mention that you shouldn’t try to threaten or intimidate SCOTUS justices. But that’s exactly what some of them — like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer — are doing.

They are not critiquing the leak either. Kamala and Joe Biden did not condemn the leak in official statements. Biden declined to answer directly when asked.

Now, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the leak on Wednesday during her briefing: Did they condemn it or is it seen as “welcome,” the reporter asked. Psaki refused to condemn it on behalf of the White House, saying that she didn’t think they had a “particular view.”

Then Fox’s Peter Doocy asked if Joe Biden thought that the leaker should be punished. Again, Psaki put off the question, declaring that Biden’s “focus was on not getting distracted” from what they claimed was most important — a non-decision by the Supreme Court that they want to use to jack up the anger on the left to help their chances in the midterms. The Court is being attacked in unprecedented ways, but the decision is not to be focused upon. But then, Joe Biden couldn’t give a darn. The Democrats and Joe Biden are also using the Court to further attack it.

Doocy also pointed out how this reaction from the White House differed from their prior position — saying they wouldn’t comment on “leaked” material. But, they did comment on the leaked material as they believed it would serve their political purposes.

That was a question Psaki didn’t anticipate, and she had no real response except to say that they said it was a real draft. But it’s still a leak and not a final decision. They are, therefore, hypocrites once more.

So, why are they jumping on leaked material that isn’t even a final decision? They also don’t condemn the leak. It all serves their purpose. They don’t care about blowing up norms. Indeed they’re all for blowing up norms — if it helps them — from blowing up the electoral college to packing the Court. That’s why they don’t care if this leak hurts the Court.

Fox’s Bret Baier mentioned on air a report that the White House knew about the leak/opinion beforehand. I’ve been trying to track down more on that report. Now, if that’s true, it might explain why the White House wouldn’t condemn it and invites a lot of questions along the lines that Sen. Josh Hawley was asking the other day: What did they know and when did they know it?

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