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The nation became shocked by the news about the terrorist attack on white supremacists in Buffalo, New York, when it reached the internet and airwaves. A flood of support was shown for the victims’ families, and outrage directed at the attacker. It was viewed as tragic by most.

However, some others saw it as an opportunity.

Once it was revealed that the alleged shooter was an avowed white supremacist, progressive politicians and their comrades in the activist media couldn’t wait to exploit the dead victims to advance their agenda. To smear conservatives and to infuriate them for being racists, they were willing to do anything to get the shooting started.

Insinuating that the victim was inspired by their rhetoric, progressives blamed Tucker Carlson, Fox News host and Rep. Elise Stefanik (R.NY). The gunman had written a manifesto before the attack in which he explicitly disapproved of Fox News and conservatism. While they ignored this part of the document, they paid close attention to the shooter’s embrace of the Great Replacement Theory (GRT), which progressives are using to portray as racist those who support stricter immigration policies.

A oped The Washington PostGreg Sargent, the author of this theory, accused Stefanik. He referred to her statement that Democrats’ efforts to provide a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants were designed to be a “permanent election insurrection.” This is a reference to the idea that leftists support open borders policies because immigrants from Central and South America are more likely to vote for Democrats. Democrats would eventually be able to grant legal and undocumented immigrants citizenship. This means that they could vote in American election. Progressives call this the Great Replacement Theory.

Nikole Hannah-Jones, who, like many of her compatriots, never saw a dead black body she didn’t wish to exploit, also accused conservatives of embracing the Great Replacement Theory. Tweet:

Great Replacement Theory can be described as critical race theory. But, days after an attack by white supremacists, the very people responsible for creating a whole book-banging hysteria about CRT justifying GRT. It is shameful.

It is shameful.

In an inexorable effort to maintain relevancy, The Lincoln Project also claimed Stefanik supports GRT. Tweeted:

Elise Stefanik needs to continue to spread the Great Replacement Theory lies in order to win over the racists. They’re the ones who matter to her political future.

There is one problem with the arguments made by the left regarding its opposition to politics: The Left is lying about the Great Replacement Theory. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) explained The origin of the theory, noting that it “has its roots in early 20th century French nationalism.”

A writer named Renaud Camus, who popularized the term, believed that “native white Europeans are being replaced in their countries by non-white immigrants from Africa and the Middle East, and the end result will be the extinction of the white race” according to the ADL. While he was focusing on Muslim immigration to European states, the author did not see it as part of a Jewish conspiracy. Later, this was.


The “great replacement” philosophy was quickly adopted and promoted by the white supremacist movement, as it fit into their conspiracy theory about the impending destruction of the white race, also know as “white genocide.” It is also a strong echo of the white supremacist rallying cry, “the 14 words:” “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

The organization continued: “Since many white supremacists, particularly those in the United States, blame Jews for non-white immigration to the U.S. the replacement theory is now associated with antisemitism.”

The alleged gunman’s manifesto clearly reveals that he is anti-semitic and believes GRT is a conspiracy coordinated by Jews.

This was also tweeted by Ben Shapiro, a conservative podcaster:

The Great Replacement Theory is a conspiracy theory that Jewish elites shipped in minorities to alter the racial makeup of a nation. The Buffalo shooter said exactly that. It is also echoed in neither political party.

Shapiro noted also the dishonesty of the left regarding GRT.

To confuse white supremacy with other mainstream concerns, the Great Replacement Theory is being conflated with concerns about immigration and skepticism. And it’s a perfectly obvious sham.

It is clear that conservatives have different views on immigration than liberals. Right-leaning people believe that Democrats want to increase immigration in order to gain an electoral advantage. As stated previously, it is believed by people on both sides that migrants from certain parts of the world would be more likely to vote Democrat – the data bears this out. They also increase the state’s population by settling in countries that are more welcoming to illegal and legal immigrants. This could potentially give them more votes for presidential elections.

The vast majority of mainstream conservatives aren’t casting this as a plot by the Jews to replace the white race. They simply believe this is a way for the left to gain advantages in elections – nothing more, nothing less. It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with the argument. One can believe this isn’t true while still acknowledging that it is not the same as GRT, no matter how badly people on the left wish it were.

It is clear that high-profile leftists lie about GRT. They want to expand the meaning of GRT to encompass anyone who doesn’t support open borders. GRT will be their new boogeyman, unfortunately. The right cannot afford to remain on the defense on this one – otherwise, progressives might fool gullible or uninformed people into believing the lie. Conservatives need to be smart in this area.

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