Don Lemon Cries On-Air Over Border ‘Crisis’ — Gets Reminded of What He Said Four Months Ago

With tears in his eyes, CNN’s Don Lemon said this week that tragic photographs of the drowned bodies of El Salvadoran migrants show “what the immigration crisis looks like.”

“For anybody who doesn’t think that immigration is a crisis … I got to show you this picture,” the anchor told his “CNN Tonight” viewers, before showing a photograph of the deceased, Oscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez and his young daughter Angie Valeria.

“Father and daughter drowned on Sunday as they attempted to cross the Rio Bravo,” an emotional Lemon continued. “That is what the immigration crisis looks like.”

The image has sparked public outcry and fueled already raging concerns over the Trump administration’s handling of the surge of migrants arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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However, conservatives have wondered aloud where Lemon’s outrage was four months ago. Back in February, he responded to President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency by saying on his show that the situation on the U.S.-Mexico border was actually a “non-crisis.”

Lemon went on to slam the president for attempting to circumvent congressional opposition and access $8 billion to begin building his long-promised southern border wall.

“All of this, this whole mess, is manufactured,” Lemon pronounced. “A non-crisis at the border that’s really not fooling anybody.”

Conservative comedian Tim Young on Wednesday created a mashup to highlight the incongruence of Lemon’s statements.

It’s not just Don Lemon

Outrage over the border crisis by liberals and big media often seems selective.

Trump’s hardline stance on immigration has never played well with Democrats. But in recent weeks, his opponents have stepped up their rhetoric against his administration’s treatment of migrants, particularly with respect to children housed in border detention centers.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been at the forefront of a campaign to cast the Trump administration as the villains in a historic struggle over human rights. The New York Democrat has insisted migrant detention facilities under Trump are “concentration camps” and has stopped just short of comparing his administration to the Third Reich.

“I’ll never forget this, because it was the moment I saw with my own eyes that the America I love was becoming a nation that steals refugee children from their parents,& caged them,” Ocasio-Cortez told her 4.5 million Twitter followers on Monday night, referencing photographs of her weeping at the U.S.-Mexico border a year ago. “More kids died after this. To date, no one has been held accountable.”

But as CNN anchor John King suggested this week, Trump’s immigration policy is arguably not so different from that of his liberal predecessor’s. Indeed, as The Associated Press noted Saturday in a fact check, Obama operated and in some cases built the detention centers liberals are now bemoaning.

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Last week, a viral photograph circulating on social media that purported to show the Trump administration “torturing” migrant children was revealed to have been taken during Obama’s presidency.

Meanwhile, Department of Homeland Security figures obtained by Axios last week showed that the Trump administration is still deporting less immigrants than Obama did.

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