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The state legislature will hold a session of veto-override to repeal Governor Mark Twain for the second time ever in Louisiana’s history. John Bel Edwards’ veto of the congressional redistricting maps passed by the Republican-controlled legislative branch. Edwards, a Democrat, says the maps are unfair, given that the state’s population is one-third black but the congressional districts aren’t one-third majority-minority.

The Republicans appear to be in danger of losing another battle in Louisiana for the second consecutive time. On his statewide syndicated show today, conservative commentator Moon Griffon said he’s not sure he wants them to be successful. His opinion isn’t mine to disagree.

Clay Schexnayder (the Speaker of the House) pulled off a quick one during redistricting. He exchanged a map by Senator Sharon Hewitt in favor of his own. Sources claim that Congressman Garretgraves helped to create this district. It came at the cost of cutting some of the parishes in Congressman Clay Higgins’ district in half. Higgins has now come out forcefully against the Schexnayder map, calling it “deceitful.”

It’s a fight the Republicans in Louisiana didn’t need to pick, but the Speaker (who was elected to the position with the help of Democrats because a good number of Republican legislators did not want him as leader) chose to pick it, sowing discord among his own party as a result. The Republicans are now fighting each other while Democrats plan lawsuits against the Democrats over the map.

Meanwhile, you have Senator Bill Cassidy contemplating a run for Governor in Louisiana – a run that polls show would not be wise – despite his repeated slaps in the face of Louisiana voters (between his vote for impeachment and his support of Biden’s infrastructure monstrosity).

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Washington D.C. – The Biden Administration is likely to end Title 42 which requires immigrants crossing the border from Mexico to be allowed to return to their home country. They are doing this despite Mark Kelly of Arizona begging them not to because the border is a major issue in the voters’ minds right now. Biden’s administration wants $1 trillion more in taxes, and they continue to target domestic energy production.

All the polling is getting worse. Although the Democratic Party may lose big in this election, most Democrats continue to lean to the right, following moderates and other independents to the Republican Party.

I am starting to get the feeling that the Democrats and the Republicans actually want the same thing: They want to be in the minority because they’d rather have someone on the other side stop them from doing what their voters want them to rather than be honest and admit that they don’t want to do actual work. They simply want to get on with the campaign and keep their seats without having to deal with the work of running for office.

Do the Republican leaders in Louisiana’s legislature actually want a Republican governor to come in with the next election cycle? Doesn’t seem like Schexnayder wants to work with a potentially Republican governor – he’s making noise about running for Lt. The Governor of the next year. His primary campaign topic will be his fight against John Bel Edwards, which he won in the two veto legislative sessions.

Just… you know, ignore the fact that he wouldn’t have lost any veto fight if he’d actually been a leader and pulled his caucus together.

The Democrats in Washington don’t want to be in charge of Congress. They want to keep their seats and let Republicans block all of Biden’s agenda. They can then continue their campaign against the Republican obstruction, raise money and not have to fight for anything.

We suffer as a result of their corruption and laziness in my state, and all across the country. They don’t seem to care, really. It’s not like they don’t care enough about fundraising to even send them emails. But there isn’t a real solution being put out there by either side.

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