Do These 6 Steps To Increase Your Chances Of Winning Your Truck Accident Case

There are plenty of foolproof ways you can increase your chances of winning a truck accident case. Truck accidents can happen, especially if you’re on dangerous roads and in high-risk areas and securing yourself and the vehicle is crucial. The following are six steps that will help you in any truck accident case, whether it’s for injury or property damage loss. 

1. Hire A Lawyer

When you have already filed a lawsuit for your damages, the last thing you want is to wait until the trial. Having a lawyer by your side can help expedite things so that you can receive compensation in time while also benefiting from their legal expertise. If you’re in Georgia, a good Gainesville truck accident attorney will be able to handle all paperwork and technicalities on your behalf. Just make sure to research the law firm online, go local when choosing a law firm, and always take advice from people who have already gone through such a process so you can hire a good injury lawyer. It’s not just about evidence and showing proof of your injuries, it’s also about gathering all possible information regarding the accident including obtaining witness statements from anyone who may have seen what happened. It’s best to get their contact information as well so that your attorney can reach out to them in case they’re called upon.

2. Do Not Make Any Statements

One way you can increase your chances of winning in a truck accident case is not to make any statements before speaking with your attorney so that the defendants won’t be able to use it against you when they’re arguing their side of things. Your attorney knows what you need to say and what you don’t, so he or she must be always the one who will be speaking for you.

3. Seek Medical Attention Immediately

If there was an accident, it can be very dangerous because accidents can lead to serious injuries such as whiplash, concussions, and back injuries which require immediate medical attention to avoid any further damage and complications. No doctor will be able to give you a proper diagnosis until you seek medical attention immediately. This is one way of increasing your chances of winning in an accident case so that the doctor can write down all the damages caused by the accident and even prescribe some medication such as painkillers or muscle relaxants if necessary. Also, check with your insurance company first before going ahead with the treatment just so you know how much it would cost and whether they’re willing to pay for it or not.

4. Take Photos And Video Footage

One effective method in proving that you were indeed injured and that it’s not just because of something else is to take photos from multiple angles while recording video footage from different angles too. Make sure to zoom in so they can get a clear shot of the damages on your car or any piece of evidence that might help you prove what happened. These images and videos can be used as proof during the trial.

5. Record Statements From All The People Involved In The Accident

Do not forget to gather statements from everyone present at the scene during the accident, including witnesses and even the driver who caused the accident since it’s possible for him or her to retaliate by saying that you’re lying or perhaps exaggerating about how much damage was done after all. Without this information, it’d be difficult for your lawyer to build a strong case against them especially if there’s nobody else other than yourself providing witness accounts of the whole thing. The video footage and photographs should be enough but it’s still best to have additional proof just in case one or two of them are not reliable.

6. Do Not Accept Any Settlement Offers Unless It Is From The Defendant

Accepting a settlement offer from the insurance company without consulting your lawyer first can severely affect your chances of winning because you might agree to lower compensation even if their liability has already been proven. You are entitled to receive the full amount of what you’ve lost, along with all hospital bills and other medical expenses that may come up years after the accident, especially if it causes additional problems later on which would require more money to treat. 

Truck accidents can cause significant damage to people, whether it’s property or health-wise. That’s why it is important for victims to always take these six steps so they can have better chances of winning the case and receiving all compensation due to them without being taken advantage of by the defendants.

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