Disney Thinks Tinker Bell and Captain Hook Are ‘Potentially Problematic’ – Opinion

Disney execs worried that Tinker Bell and Captain Hook were “potentially problematic” during their review of content headed to the new Disney+ streaming service, the New York Times reports. The review is part of Disney’s “Stories Matter” initiative, a wide-ranging effort to bring more inclusion into the Disney-sphere. From the project’s website:

We are currently reviewing the library to add advisories for content that depicts negative treatment of cultures or portrays people in a degrading manner. This is part of our commitment to diversity.

Tinker Bell (yes, I thought it was one word too) raised concern because she is “body conscious” and jealous of Peter Pan’s attention. A young attractive woman who cares about her appearance and likes boys—the horror! The couple reportedly worried over Captain Hook as Hook has a disability, but enjoys villainous activities. Some may consider this discriminatory.

As I’ve noted before, many well-meaning efforts to promote diversity actually have the opposite effect—exclusion. So, will actors with disabilities no longer get the villainous parts that are so sought-after because of the way the thespians can chew the scenery?

Ursula, a sea witch in The Little Mermaid’s story, also lit a match. The Times

Her dark color palette (lavender skin, black legs) could be viewed through a racial lens, the Stories Matter team cautioned; she is also a “queer coded” character, with mannerisms inspired in part by those of a real-life drag queen.

Was that what we are supposed to enjoy? I’m so confused.

The below tweet shows how absurd this all could get if we delve deeply into every character’s deeds, skin color, sexuality etcetera.

How about Goofy! He’s well… goofy. Isn’t that a slight against ditzy people?  These things might never stop.

Stories Matter resulted to the placement of disclaimers in any content. The following message will appear before you can view any affected content:

The program depicts people and cultures in negative ways. These stereotypes have been wrong since the beginning and still are. We don’t want to remove the content. Instead, we wish to recognize its negative impact and learn from it. This will help us to have a better future.

Content receiving such warnings include Dumbo, the Aristocats, Peter Pan and the Swiss Family Robinson (apparently the 1960 live-action version, but it’s unclear).

All of these seem to be quite innocuous. Let people know that some content may contain negative stereotypes. This seems like an excellent idea.

However, the path to hell is made with great intentions and Disney was the first person to step into this woke world. Disney next felt the need to step into another state’s political affairs, slamming the “Don’t Say Gay” bill (which says nothing of the sort). It’s not going well for them, as RedState’s Nick Arama reports.

Florida Governor DeSantis attacked the company, and threatened to remove its self-governing status. Many left-of-center Disney employees, meanwhile, held protests and staged walkouts over their perception that the company hasn’t done enough for LGBTQIA+ rights. Conservative employees fired back with their own anonymous letter urging the company to stay “politically neutral.”

While fretting over seemingly harmless characters might seem like an inclusive act, it was just one small step toward the company sinking into the woke quicksand they’re currently enduring.  Disney attempts to please all, but ultimately, it doesn’t.

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