Disney-Owned ABC Drama Pits Parents Against Teacher in Trans Student Storyline

We all know where Disney stands on Florida’s new anti-grooming law, “Parental Rights in Education,” so it comes as no surprise that Disney-owned ABC has introduced a trans student storyline in one of its most woke shows, A Million Little Things

The student is a biological female who comes out for the first time to her teacher, announcing she’s “not a girl,” and that she’s ready to tell people “who (she) really (is).”

In last week’s episode, “60 Minutes,” filmmaker Rome Howard (Romany Malco) began teaching “Introduction to Documentary Film Making” at the private school he attended as a child. As he is reviewing submissions for the first project from his class, Madison (Ash Spencer), a student of Rome Howard’s takes him completely by surprise.

Madison/Maddox: Hi, Mr. Howard. Uh-huh, I was told that I can interview any person I know, so I introduced you to you. Um, Maddox is my name, but I’m not a girl. I’m not a girl. Sincerely, right now I am terrified. Although I didn’t know how I would do it today, I did manage to get my snacks. I was told to ask hard questions. Do you know anyone who has ever heard me tell them about my true self? Not until today. It is up to my family how they will handle it. I honestly don’t know.. Are you sure that you’ll be able to openly speak to everyone? Truthfully, I’m not sure. It was something I doubted until today. Hearing what you had to say today in class about your journey, and how you used your film to help you was amazing. Finally, I see a day when I may be able accept that piece of me and share it with everyone else..

Are we really supposed to believe Madison/Maddox’s parents would never have noticed her wearing a wig or speaking in such a deep voice? It also wasn’t believable in the least that Rome would be so shocked by her confession when it was obvious she was trans from the moment she first spoke in his class.

The storyline continued on Wednesday’s episode, “Slipping,” as Rome pulls Madison aside after class to discuss something he had no business discussing without her parents’ knowledge or involvement:

RomeMadison, could you wait a minute? Your video caught my attention and I was eager to chat with you. The video had all the components of great storytelling. It was raw Honesty and integrity. A surprising surprise. It was truly beautiful.

Madison/Maddox: Really? It’s amazing how content I feel. It was not something I thought I would do, but once I tried it it felt like my first breath.

Rome: Well, Tell the truth. You can’t ask for more from a documentary. Madison, it is a great thing to be proud of yourself.

Madison/Maddox: Uh, Maddox. This is what I’m going by.

Rome: Maddox. Okay.

Madison/Maddox: Uh-huh, but seriously. I have been considering it for quite some time. I feel ready to reveal who I really am.

Rome: Wow. It’s quite a step.

Madison/Maddox: Yeah. You know what? It is scary to think that some of my friends might be gone.

RomeYou are right, but I do not know how it is to be like you. However, I know how it feels to be different and isolated. Uncertainty is one thing I am certain of — Accepting yourself as who you really are is a sign that your friends have not been truly your friends.

Madison/MaddoxYes, I agree. It might be more productive to simply rip off the mask than have a million awkward conversations. Picture Day is the perfect place to demonstrate this. You are a great inspiration, Mr. Howard. It was so much needed.

Real friends would be concerned that Madison doesn’t feel like a girl when biology says otherwise, and they’d want to help her get to the root of her gender dysphoria rather than cover it up. Pretending Madison’s confusion is normal and that she’s really a boy isn’t “truth,” nor is it accepting Madison for who she really is. It’s the exact opposite, and people who battle this disorder deserve better.

It seems that pretending and lying has become the culture norm, despite all evidence that transitioning is not good for mental health. The suicide rate of those who make the transition is actually 19x higher than for the general population.  

Rome later sees Madison/Maddox enter the boys’ bathroom to get ready for Picture Day and begins to fear she might become a target for bullies once she officially comes out. Though it’s understandable if students were to express discomfort with the bathroom issue, there’s no excuse for hatred or bullying for any reason, and every person deserves to be treated with love and dignity no matter their differences.

That kindness should go both ways, but today’s culture vilifies anyone who doesn’t toe the woke line as racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. If you don’t think, vote and act like they do, your rights will be taken away.

This is, naturally, A Million Little Things is already setting the stage for an upcoming evil parents versus heroic teacher plot, as Madison’s mom and dad apparently weren’t okay with pretending their daughter is their son:

Rome: Morning, Kev.

KevGreetings, Mr. H.

Rome: Hey, Maddox. Was it really?


This isn’t the first time the show has touched on the issue of transgenderism, but the teacher/parents angle is new and definitely not a coincidence. ABC and Disney have continuously ignored the fact that viewers don’t want liberal agendas like this mixed into their entertainment. Let’s hope their persistence in pushing propaganda leads to them canceling themselves.

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