Disney Hires Longtime Democrat Comms Director as Their New Head Spokesperson – Opinion

Disney clearly has fallen to the left and is doing so in a terrible way. Lately, it’s shamelessly embraced radical leftist talking points, including making it clear that it is in direct opposition to the new Florida law that prohibits sexuality and sexualization from being taught to children K-3.

It seems that the pressure is coming from its awake employees, who created a fear-filled environment for those working there. At first, it wasn’t clear if Disney brass really felt that way or whether they were simply being forced to do so. Now we see that they’re apparently birds of a feather with their new choice in spokesperson.

A Walt Disney Co. posting on its website states that Kristina Schake, a long-time Democrat operative has been appointed their Executive Vice President for Global Communications. Disney proudly listed her past and current work in the Democrat Party.

Schake worked for three decades in the interconnected world of business, technology, media and entertainment. Recently, President Biden appointed Schake to head the COVID-19 national vaccine education campaign. She also served as Global Communications Director for Instagram. Schake was Deputy Communications Director for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and served in the Obama administration as Special Assistant to the President and Communications Director to the First Lady.

“I could not be more pleased to welcome Kristina to Disney and to have her leading communications for the company,” said Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Geoff Morrell. “Her experience in the public and private sectors, in political and corporate campaigns, make her ideally suited for this important role and to help me integrate communications with government relations, public policy, and corporate social responsibility into a new Corporate Affairs team. Together with the exceptional professionals at Disney, we will help the world’s greatest storytelling company engage even more effectively with our many stakeholders around the world.”

The “social responsibility” line is clearly troubling, especially considering both the Democrat Party’s fight against a bill that effectively prohibits the sexualized grooming of children and its attempts to make Florida Republicans, especially Governor Ron DeSantis as anti-LGBT by calling it the “Don’t Say Gay Bill.”

This is a wholly disingenuous take on the law as it doesn’t even mention the term “gay” one time. It’s highly likely that Disney executives know this as the bill is not a complicated read at only seven pages long and clearly defined rules. The fact that they’ve continued to sell this idea of Florida engaging in out-of-control homophobia and its hiring of a legacy Democrat Party communications director proves that it’s going all-in on the Democrat Party agenda.

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