Did NBC News Just Fact Check Fauci? – Opinion

You might be tempted to go outside and look for flying pigs. An NBC News reporter actually pushed back on a claim made by the left’s favorite medical guy, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Fauci made his routine alarmist talk about football fans during a CNN appearance last month. He told the news outlet that he did not believe it was “smart” for people to attend sporting events because it could cause more COVID-19 infections. He added:

While outdoor is better than indoors in general, you must be immunized if you are going to have people around you. You should also wear a mask when there are congregate areas, especially indoors.

Fauci also argued that the country is still in “outbreak mode” due to the number of cases per day. Fauci also urged the continuation of mandates for vaccine and mask implementation.

NBC reporter Shaquille Brewster dunked on Fauci, noting that “crowds in the tens of thousands, mostly unmasked, have sat side-by-side now cheering on their teams at the halfway point of the season.” He continued:

Doctors also warned about games being super-spreader events. This was a frightening possibility, with many hospitals on the verge of collapse.

Brewster’s views are not unique.

Mark Fox, Deputy Chief Health Officer in Indiana stated to ABC57 that there have been very few COVID cases from football games. Fox said that:

You know people are largely oriented towards the field so if I’m yelling and cheering my droplets are hitting you in the back of the head. You should not be hitting your face directly, but the side or back of your face.

These events are outdoors where the risk of the virus spreading is lower, which is why they don’t result in an increase in COVID. “People from outside who’s vaccination status we don’t know that poses a bigger risk than the tailgating outside or … attending in the bull or the stadium,” he explained.

A number of experts told Boston 25 News that “with limited capacity, mask-wearing and open-air stadiums, there was no real spike in COVID-19 cases following pro football games.”

The report noted that a study “analyzed hundreds of NFL and NCAA games, comparing games with in-person fans to games without fans in similar-sized counties,” and found that “there was no significant increase in COVID-19 cases following those games with in-person attendance in those surrounding communities.”

If Flip-Flop Fauci didn’t change his mind on issues pertaining to the coronavirus, it would be reasonable to assume he is just being overly cautious in his recommendations. It is obvious that Fauci has become a full-fledged COVID alarmist at this stage. He is just one of many who are trying to get the public to accept intrusive measures to stop the spread of the virus.

It is unlikely that NBC’s clapback is the start of the activist media turning on Fauci. Although it’s not surprising they disagree with him, that doesn’t mean they won’t continue to adore him. However, it seems clear that at least some experts are not toeing the line, as evidenced by a recent dust-up between President Joe Biden’s coronavirus team and outside experts. We hope that people will seek out alternative sources of information and stop listening to the fearmonger-in chief.

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