Nunes Ready to Deliver First Criminal Referral to Department of Justice

“We now know for certain that that’s not true.”

Speaking to Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo Thursday, Rep. Devin Nunes said he and his team are ready to submit one of potentially multiple criminal referrals to the Department of Justice, the first of which he expects to deliver by the end of next week.

Nunes has yet to name any individuals who would appear in the referral.

“My major concern now is that the FBI and DOJ falsely claimed that this investigation didn’t begin until late July,” Nunes said. “We now know for certain that that’s not true. We’re still trying to get to the bottom of that. Of course there are still documents that need to come out, but we are prepared and are now drafting a criminal referral.”

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Nunes said his team wanted to “wait until the Mueller report came out” in case “that might be of interest” regarding the first criminal referral. “But I think we’re prepared now to at least submit our first criminal referral,” Nunes said.

The ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee said the referral would “grab everybody that we need to grab to make sure that there’s a proper investigation done.”

Citing the FBI’s use of the unverified Trump dossier – partially funded by the Democratic National Committee and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign – to obtain FISA warrants to conduct surveillance on former Trump aide Carter Page, Nunes has accused Democrats of colluding with Russia to undermine the president.


Nunes’ renewed scrutiny of the Justice Department comes on the heels of an announcement Sunday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had found no good evidence that President Donald Trump or his associates conspired or coordinated with Russia.

Now that Mueller’s probe is over, Trump plans to release the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants that served as the basis for the Russia investigation, the president said Wednesday.

Conservatives, Trump’s supporters, and Republicans have celebrated the findings as a vindication of the president and a damning indictment of a purportedly politically motivated campaign by liberals and Democrats.

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