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Developing Young Ladies to be the Leaders of Tomorrow

Throughout history, cultures worldwide have oppressed women and denied them equal rights, most importantly the right to seek and hold positions of power. Among the roles denied them, positions with government and the law are some of the most common. For several decades now, there have been movements and petitions to encourage these rights. There have also been a number of activists in support of women’s rights, including several lawyers. One significant name in the midst of these modern movements is Diego Ruiz Duran. He is a Mexican lawyer who has a strong, passionate belief in justice and equality. Having studied with major Universities like Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge, his stance on social justice is well respected and valued. He has made his intentions as a lawyer very clear: he intends to treat every client with equal respect, and communicate accordingly regarding their needs, no matter who they are or where they come from. Rich or poor, young or old, male or female,he makes a point of listening intently and respecting his clients. 

Diego Ruiz Duran takes a stand when it comes to women and society’s discriminatory standards on their right to shine. Not only is he a big name in Mexico, but in many parts of the world. Duran believes that having a schedule is one of the best ways to prepare for a higher role in society, to adapt and be more active in any communities you may take part in. He is very adamant about encouraging young women to educate themselves and become the people they are meant to be, rather than conform to the world’s expectations. As women continue to fight for equal opportunities, Duran remains by their side. There are several ways to make certain that women’s rights movements are not unnecessary or in vain. By continuing to seek education in their desired field, and by keeping others educated in the same regard, we can ensure that in future, there will be many more women in high places, including law, social work,and even more women in government. Also, by continuing to vote, we can help more female candidates make their way into office. 

There are so many smart young women in the world, aspiring to become someone with an inspiring reputation, who people will love to talk about. By working together, we can help these young entrepreneurs, social workers, lawyers, and even future presidents pursue the roles in life they know they are destined for. By working with their parents and teachers to find out who they want to be, and honing the skills necessary to keep them on the right track, we can help young ladies grow and evolve into strong, inspiring models for their daughters. Throughout the years, we have become more and more open-minded in regards to women and their growing place in society. We are slowly but surely building a better world, not just for women, but for our children and theirs.

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