Despite Madison Cawthorn’s Defeat, He Has a Future in Politics, if He Wants It – Opinion

Madison Cawthorn was someone I enjoyed personally. I would vote for him if I lived there. It wouldn’t have mattered. He was clearly not in the favor of the Republican Party and politics.

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Madison Cawthorn lost his seat to a flood of scandals Tuesday. State Sen. Chuck Edwards defeated Cawthorn narrowly in the Republican nomination race in Western North Carolina. Edwards was the district’s first elected Republican nominee two years ago. According to Luke Ball, a spokesperson for Cawthorn’s campaign, Cawthorn left Hendersonville at 10:10 p.m. to call Edwards and ask him to concede.


Cawthorn was the youngest member in the 117th Congress. He had been nationally recognized for his support of Donald Trump’s far-right views and controversial remarks. The congressman was plagued by scandals since March. He called it a drip campaign of Republican colleagues. It began when he called Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy “a thug” and the Ukrainian government “evil.” It escalated when he went on a podcast and said his congressional colleagues participated in orgies and did key bumps of cocaine. He was arrested for driving without a license, and was also charged with insider trading. Photos of him in lingerie while on cruise ships were leaked, as well as a video showing him naked with another woman.

As only Leftists can, the Leftist fringe dances on Trump’s grave. This is seen as a denunciation of Trump and Cawthorn. They are not more right.

In his comments Tuesday, Cawthorn addressed some of the leaked photos and videos and said they were part of a “coordinated strike” against his reelection bid. Cawthorn also expressed gratitude to former President Donald Trump, for his support despite the unflattering headlines of recent weeks.

Trump values loyalty and recognizes the potential of others, which is why he supports Cawthorn. Despite the legacy media’s obsession with painting any loss of a Trump-endorsed candidate as a reflection on Trump’s 2024 chances, that’s a dog that just won’t hunt.

Cawthorn’s qualities include honesty, integrity, sincerity, and a sense of direction. These aren’t always traits you want to have in your life. That was evident in my encounter with him at CPAC 2021. I’ve been a Christian a long time, and been around my share of charlatans, and he did not exhibit that energy at all.

These qualities were likely to help Cawthorn win the first term of his Congress term. Cawthorn will be able to come back if he keeps these qualities and improves on his strong communication skills.

Cawthorn is sadly naïve, as some of his scandals and missteps clearly indicated. Both his marriage and this stage of his election career were affected by his youth and inexperience. He was vulnerable on this issue and that is what the RNC exploited. For once, the phase “Republicans pounce,” can be appropriately applied.

It was a relief to me that the voters decided Cawthorn’s fate and not some agenda driven group or judicial fiat. If Cawthorn chooses, this is a clean and clear break.

It is likely that he will.

Whatever the case, Cawthorn can now speak freely, and with his strong ability to communicate, it could be the GOP’s reckoning. Cawthorn stated before he conceded that the Republican Party was as complicit as any Left-wing group in Cawthorn’s downfall. Perhaps even more.

The writer points out one grain of truth in this somewhat unflattering article about Cawthorn and Jezebel.

Cawthorn’s defeat ultimately feels like a warning shot to fellow House Republicans: Run your mouth about the coke and orgies at your own peril, people.

Sunlight just might be the best disinfectant: for the GOP and for Cawthorn’s road to a new political future.


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