Democrats Suggesting Businesses Give Black Employees a Mental Health Day After the Rittenhouse Verdict – Opinion

Here’s a look at the way Democrats see black people. They view them as stupid children.

Gregory McKelvey, Vice-Chair for the Oregon Black Caucus posted a Tweet saying that the verdict would make it difficult for Black people to get work. He suggested that they could take off for a few days to recuperate.

“Consider giving Black workers a few days off following the Rittenhouse verdict. Regardless of the outcome, it’s going to be hard for Black people to work and it isn’t fair to expect them to,” tweeted McKelvey.

Let’s review some of the facts about the Rittenhouse case real fast.

Rittenhouse was a white man that shot three people to protect himself against two of his attackers. One was a career criminal, the other was serial pedophile. The only link to the black community is the fact that this took place at a Black Lives Matter riot, but you’ll find many black people wondering if BLM is even a movement for the sake of their community.

This is an excellent example of the way Democrats see Black Americans. They can lie to them and instill fear in their hearts in order to keep the illusion alive that they are in their best interest and will help.

Contrary to popular belief. This is a huge insult for all Black Americans. This exposes the true views of Democrats about Black Americans. They must be stupid enough to believe Rittenhouse was a danger to the black community. Rittenhouse actually made things worse by saving businesses and putting out fires.

They also seem to believe that Black people have no strength and need to rest after an event they cannot consider traumatizing. The not-guilty verdict of the white teenager who killed white criminals does not affect black people. It is as traumatizing as playing Call of Duty. If Democrats, activists, media and other people continue to portray a negative picture of it, it could be very traumatic.

Why is it that Democrats are trying to persuade the Black community to believe the deaths of white criminals is a negative thing?

It’s almost as if the Democrats are mourning the loss of these people and they want to make it okay by having one of their protected groups do it with them. Their narrative becomes easier to promote if they consider it racist to rejoice over the deaths of two white leftist radicals. It’s not just gross, it’s evil, and it’s evil that Democrats are trying to rope the Black community into.

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