Democrats Should Stop Doing White Supremacy Before Asking Republicans to Condemn It – Opinion

Democrats have had a field day over the terrorist white supremacist attack in Buffalo, New York. After the news broke, prominent leftists made it clear that they believed the shooting victim represented most Republicans and conservatives.

Some have even called upon GOP politicians and other activists to condemn white supremacy. As if this would prevent Democrats from calling conservatives bigots for celebrating the killing of black Americans. Perhaps their protestations could be understood if they weren’t actively working for the preservation of disparities among black Americans and white Americans.

The more important issue at hand doesn’t involve making statements – it involves action. I’d rather see Democrats stop pushing policies that promote the white supremacy they claim to detest, instead of making flowery speeches against racism on the airwaves and posting lofty condemnations of racism on Twitter.

For starters, everyone’s favorite anti-gun Democrats are standing on the dead bodies of the black victims of the attack–not only to smear Republicans but also to push for more restrictions on guns. It is not lost on them that none their plans would have stopped the terrorist attack.

What is even more frustrating about this matter is the fact that it took place in New York, which makes it nearly impossible for blacks to obtain a concealed carry permit. This means that they can still protect themselves. It is more difficult to own firearms for black people because of the stringent gun restrictions. This was actually discussed by the gunman in his manifesto. He explained that he picked that location as it seemed unlikely that anyone would be arming themselves.

Only one person had a weapon on the scene, and that was the security guard. He couldn’t stop the gunman as he was covered in body armor. But what would have happened if more of the people in Top’s Supermarket were armed? We will never know – but it is highly likely some of those lives could have been saved. However, this does not apply to racist-motivated terrorist attacks. All Americans have the right to use their Second Amendment rights. Unfortunately, Democrats don’t see it that way.

Next, we have the substandard education black students receive in cities governed by – you guessed it – Democrats. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, (NAEP), 84% of black students do not know how to read and 85% are not proficient with math. These areas have been governed by Democrats for many decades. Yet, Democrats are not interested in making real changes to the education system. Instead they blame the racist Republicans, who force cities like these to fail to equip their citizens with the right skills for adulthood.

Tatefully, at least one state is under investigation for not providing an adequate education. Former students from Detroit brought a suit against Gov. Rick Snyder and the Michigan Department of Education in 2019. Gretchen Whitmer for their “constitutional right to access literacy” according to WBUR.

This report contains:

Jamarria, one of the plaintiffs graduated Osborn High School’s 2017 class. The 20-year old is now trying to finish community college in Tallahassee (Florida), which he claims has been challenging due to his low school education.

He likens his four years in high school to “prison or daycare.” He says most days, students would sit in classrooms for hours — sometimes without a teacher — watching movies such as Disney’s “Frozen.” He says the school lacked heating or cooling, so days below freezing, students would wear winter coats to class.

According to him, the school had no access to water or toilet facilities. The lawsuit details students finding “bullets, used condoms, sex toys, and dead vermin on the playground” and eating “moldy bread and expired milk” during lunch.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if black students are receiving low-quality education while white students are not, we’ve got ourselves some bonafide white supremacy. The left’s main strategy for maintaining racial inequality is to deny black students access to education. They oppose parents choosing where their children are educated. Just a few weeks back, it was discovered that the Biden administration was trying to stop charter schools from continuing to exist, something that has historically been beneficial to black communities.

If I didn’t know any better, I might be tempted to think they are doing this on purpose.

Last, but most certainly not least, we have one of the progressives’ favorite topics: Racist policing. Do you realize that most police violence against black men occurs in places governed by Democrats, and not just those ruled by Republicans? It is hard to believe that people are not trying to stop the brutal treatment of black men by police officers.

Sure, when a black person is mistreated – or even unjustly killed – by a police officer, Democratic politicians and influencers are quick to get in front of a camera to decry the act. They are slow to take action. That is, unless they decide to cut funding for the police so that fewer officers patrol the streets. Skyrocketing crime rates be damned, these virtue-signaling leftists need to look like they’re doing something, don’t they?

But this isn’t just about violence. Black Americans are also targeted by police in Democrat-run towns. Let’s take Chris Ronayne, who is currently running for county executive in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. His previous role was as President of University Circle, Inc., the organization responsible for police in University Circle. A ProPublica investigation revealed that 88 percent of those who received citations related to “traffic violations and misdemeanors such as trespassing, jaywalking and possession of marijuana” were black. This is especially noteworthy given that blacks make up only 23 percent of the neighborhood’s population.

Ronayne’s Republican opponent, Lee Weingart criticized him for this blatant display. During an appearance on “The Outlaws” podcast, he explained that despite promising to fix the issue, Ronayne actually made the problem worse. “So I requested the tickets issued for the next eleven months, from October of 2020 through August of 2021, to see if they had fixed it,” Weingart explained. He continued:

Eleven months later, Chris managed to compile all the UCI Police Department tickets. And the number wasn’t 90% issued to black drivers. It was 94%. Ronayne corrected it. The percentage rose from 94% to 90%.

How would people from the left feel if this city was run by Republicans?

We already know, don’t we?

The reason Democrats are so vocal about white supremacy is because they want to ignore the fact that the primary providers of this phenomenon are Democrats. After all, virtue signaling is so much easier than solving the problem, isn’t it?

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