Democrats Push the Limits of Absurdity in Politicizing the Pennsylvania Bridge Collapse – Opinion

A stunning collapse took place in Pennsylvania on Friday morning. Ten people were injured when a bridge over a ravine fell onto Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh. The search and rescue operation was completed by local authorities as the night approached. They began the recovery phase.

This would make a good local news story in a world that is not too polarized. It might even be worth a highlight on some national programs. But we don’t live in such a world. Hence, Democrats decided to go beyond absurdity and try to politicize this event.

Here were some responses to the question from Sen. Pat Toomey (a Republican) who chimed-in to show his support for the people on the scene.

You are so articulate and well-reasoned! These galaxy-brains, and many more, explains why a bridge fell two months after Pat Toomey had voted against an infrastructure bill That was still the case., he’s got blood on his hands. Whose blood, given that no one died, I’m not sure, but I’m assured that his hands are bloody nonetheless.

It’s a ridiculous assertion on its face, but it becomes more ridiculous when you dig into the details here. The bridge’s inspection history was not perfect and it had been known to be a problem since many years ago. Guess who’s in charge of Pennsylvania’s state government and would have had the power and resources to deal with this bridge? The Democrats (including Gov. Tom Wolf. Moreover, Tom Wolf is the mayor in the area where the disaster occurred.

Yet, somehow, this is the fault of a Republican senator with zero state and local control because he didn’t vote for a bill that passed anyway — but hasn’t even had its funds allocated yet.

Are you still blown away?

This is just another instance of the shameless Democrats. They can take any situation and transform it into a bludgeon against their political enemies, even when it’s their own party that’s actually at fault. Even if the bill had been passed one year ago, it would not have made any difference in the construction of this bridge. There were clearly failures at local levels that took place, but not all of them are the fault or insufficient funding by the federal government.

The people who are able to think critically can see past all the hand-wringing. If you don’t, you are probably a Democrat.

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