Democrats Own Internal Polling Shows Them Down 7 Points in the Congressional Midterms – Opinion

While Tuesday night’s primary elections put all eyes on Republicans, the focus quickly shifted to Democrats Wednesday morning, as a new Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s own internal polling indicates a steep loss for them in November.

Punchbowl News reports that in a generic Republican versus generic Democrat election, Republicans lead Democrats by 47 to 39. This is eight percent more than the difference. The report also noted that these disastrous numbers are just the tip of the bad news iceberg, as the DCCC Chair, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, is dealing with his own battle in a primary against an incumbent due to New York’s new likely congressional map, which puts the party in a tough spot. There could be even more fighting if Democrats feel their chair is distracted or not being productive.

“The Dem ranks are a lot busier right now, with lots of talk about Maloney’s ability to continue his role as DCCC Chairman. A LOT of anger, frustration at Maloney,” Punchbowl’s Jake Sherman tweeted.

“We will see how this all shakes out — new map will be finalized Friday. But the idea that Maloney “doesn’t have a primary” — the line pushed by his circle — doesn’t pass the straight face test. he has gotten into a district that a colleague of his represents 75% of,” he continued.

The National Republican Congressional Committee had the opportunity to gloat about this chaos and public vulnerability.

“YIIIIIIKES,” the NRCC tweeted with screenshots of headlines about the news.

Their desperation can best explain the infighting, internal polling, and other mismanagement. As Democrats are in control of the House, Senate, and the White House, it’s easy for Americans to blame them for the issues they’re seeing in their own life. Voters have many reasons to fire their elected representatives, whether they are angry about the inflation or the shortage of baby formula, or even the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Democrats can hurl whatever insults they want toward their opponents, but it will do little to change America’s perception of Washington.

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