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In December 2013, yours truly foretold that media would magically make COVID disappear, as requested by its Democratic counterparts. Although the date I chose was too early, it has now arrived.

Punchbowl News’ liberal media credentials cannot be questioned. They have discovered an Impact Research document, which is a liberal polling agency whose clients include Joe Biden. The document details the Democrats’ talking points for COVID. COVID, which is essentially the new Fight Club, and Bruno all rolled into one, is COVID.

While nothing Democrats and their lackeys say should be surprising, the sheer chutzpah of this statement, even by the (ahem) “somewhat” tenuous reality the left often embraces, astonishes. Let’s dig in, shall we?

It’s time for Democrats to take credit for ending the COVID crisis phase of the COVID war, point to important victories like vaccine distribution and providing economic stability to Americans, and fully enter the rebuilding phase that comes after any war.

Given how there’s an actual war presently transpiring, due in no small part to the feckless Biden Administration’s utter mealymouthed impotent bungling, this might not be the best time to use the word. One can point out that Democrats have spent the past two years waging war against America’s civil liberties, but for some unfathomable reason that never comes up in the document. It’s amazing.

Anyway, let’s examine what the Democrats will now all spontaneously do completely coincidentally at the exact same time.

Resolve the COVID crisis phase and move on to normal feeling and behavior.Thanks to Democrats we’re not as far behind where we were in two years or one year ago.

This is especially true if you visit a grocery or gas station. All stores, actually. Two years ago, we had more money than one year before.

Democrats have a tremendous opportunity to claim an incredible, historic success – they vaccinated hundreds of millions of people, prevented the economy from going into freefall, kept small businesses from going under, and got people back to work safely. Because of President Biden and Democrats, we CAN safely return to life feeling much more normal – and they should claim that proudly.

Hmm. Let’s see. Vaccinated hundreds of millions of people with a vaccine guaranteed absolutely safe and effective … except when it isn’t. Instead of putting the economy on the rails to death, we put it on the hot tracks and grease the tracks for more speed. This prevented the economy’s plunge into total collapse. Small businesses were not forced to shut down, surprising many small retail stores that had to do the same. Meanwhile the COVID virus stopped the big box from closing their doors and making huge profits. And got people back to work safely, aside from all of the people who are either still milking unemployment for all they can get or have walked away from their job because they couldn’t take the hassle of growing incivility from coworkers and customers worn to a frazzle by two years of useless masking, social distancing, and overall lack of the human touch. Democrats, we salute you.

Next, we will get to the core of the problem.

Recognize that people are “worn out” and feeling real harm from the years-long restrictions and take their side.

Since it’s the Democrats who did the browbeating, the “rules for thee not for me,” and the incessant squeezing the life out of everyone young and old, exactly how they propose to be on the people’s side suddenly is curious. Are we going to be hearing speeches after speeches about all the things they did because they care for us? Will we see Gavin Newsom and Gretchen Whitmer perform a duet of Bryan Adams’ “Everything I Do (I Do It For You)?” How many knots will the media tie itself into as it desperately scrubs history while churning out endless puff pieces of how our brave and noble political leaders, provided they are Democrats, did it all with love in their hearts? The spectacle will be entertaining. Or nauseating. Most likely both.

The more we talk about the threat of COVID and onerously restrict people’s lives because of it, the more we turn them against us and show them we’re out of touch with their daily realities.

This is all we know. Thank you for acknowledging it.

This is the final sentence of the document.

It is time to stop talking about future uncertainties and restrictions.We make Democrats look like failures, incapable of navigating us through these difficult times if we only focus on the bad and possible worsening conditions. If 99% of Americans are able to get vaccinated, it is more harmful than what we do for voters. We will be entering our third year discussing restrictions. If Democrats keep putting COVID preventions ahead of learning how to live in a world that COVID is not dominant, then they will be paying dearly in November.

While it’s cute how Democrats still pretend COVID vaccines stop anything, it is refreshingly amusing to see the throat-clutching panic behind this document. Democrats are aware they lost the COVID messaging contest. The people see Florida, then look at California and Michigan, and to even the most hardened leftist it becomes clear the restrictions didn’t do a thing to slow the spread. The curve became a way to ride a tricycle over the Himalayas, instead of flattening it. They were merely pursuing a pure, naked desire for power. And now that even the sheeple have had enough, the Democrats are going to pretend to be our BFF and we’ll all forget all about the past two years? This is not at all likely. Forgiveness is not something we can do, in the words of Anonymous. We do not forget. Expect us … at the ballot box this November.

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