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Dem Campaign Chief Has ‘Existential Crisis’ on CNN — Says Trump ‘On Path to Victory’ in 2020

Michael Bloomberg’s campaign chief on Monday defended the former New York City mayor’s belated 2020 presidential bid as the last hope to block President Donald Trump from winning reelection. 

“Mike is getting in this race because he thinks that Donald Trump is an existential crisis, and he thinks he’s on a path to victory, and he’s getting in to alter that dynamic,” Kevin Sheekey said in an interview with CNN.

Bloomberg officially launched his campaign on Sunday, saying he would skip the traditional early voting states and focus instead on the March primaries. The billionaire’s bid has been greeted with groans from Democratic activists and attacks by left-wing rivals.

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Sheeky told CNN anchor Kate Bolduan the general election will come down to six states: Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida and Arizona.

“That’s the whole general election. And right now Donald Trump is winning, he is winning that election. It’s very tough for people who don’t live in New York or California to understand that, but that is what’s happening,” Sheekey said.

Sheekey pointed to a set of New York Times/Siena College polls released earlier this month that showed Trump matching or beating leading Democratic candidates in each of the six states he mentioned.

We’re going to talk to everyone in the country at once and we’re particularly going to overtalk to those people who need to vote in those swing states,” he said.

Bloomberg is pulling out all the stops to prevent Trump from winning in 2020

Following the ex-mayor’s campaign launch Sunday, the editor in chief of his news agency, Bloomberg News, announced his reporters would not investigate their boss or any other of the other 2020 Democratic contenders.

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However, John Micklethwait said, the news outlet “will continue to investigate the Trump administration, as the government of the day.”

Early polls have tallied Bloomberg’s support in the low single digits.

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