De Facto President Greg Abbott Brings More Clarity and Comfort than Joe Biden Ever Could – Opinion

Greg Abbott is a blessing for Texas. These are the times that distinguish leaders from those not fit for leadership.

Many heard President Joe Biden’s speech on Monday surrounding the horrific massacre of innocent children at Robb Elementary in Uvalde. It was the afternoon that the first active shooter report came out. The news continued to fall, and it wasn’t good. There were few facts that could have been discussed beyond the obvious facts about who, what and where. Unfortunately, legacy media ran their normal knee-jerk agenda on gun control. But one would expect more from President Obama in order to address a national tragedy.

Biden only reinforced how inept he was to lead a nation with 331 million citizens. The people of the United States were not provided with comfort, unity or clarity by Biden. He only created more confusion and complicated the tragedy by pursuing his political agenda. While the Uvalde tragedy was ongoing, parents and loved ones were still waiting for information about their child’s injuries. Biden chose not to show restraint or decorum and instead enraged the base to ignite the nation towards division. Biden and his political agenda were all that mattered, not the lives of the children who lost their lives or the grieving families.

Even the tone of Biden’s voice changed throughout his speech to reflect two different realities. Biden didn’t mention children or their families. He mumbled and was doddering and behaved like Sad Sack, with his bowed shoulders, forced grief, and stiff throat. Even with that, Biden still managed to rub salt into the Uvalde community’s wounds.

Losing a child can feel like losing a part of yourself. There’s a hollowness in your chest, and you feel like you’re being sucked into it and never going to be able to get out. It’s suffocating. And it’s never quite the same.

Newsflash Joe: It’s Not about you! Biden was a father who had to lose two of his children. You would expect him to be better at bringing comfort and peace and helping people find unity and healing.

But nah, like the flip of a switch, Biden’s voice changed into Grandpa Stompy Foot. Biden’s voice changed into Grandpa Stompy Foot, and the whole thing was fueled by acidity.

As a nation, we have to ask: When in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby? When in God’s name will we do what we all know in our gut needs to be done?

Whut?! How do you invoke God’s name in order to further your agenda?

With more clarity than he bothered to show for the Uvalde children and their families, he rattled off the Leftist list of gun tragedies making sure he ended with last week’s Buffalo grocery store incident. Biden found a way to include a bizarre analogy in his free-association rant. It was not appropriate for a speech meant to provide comfort and focus.

What in God’s name do you need an assault weapon for except to kill someone?

Deer aren’t running through the forest with Kevlar vests on, for God’s sake. It’s just sick.


Like a well-prescribed formula for someone who claims to be “deeply Catholic,” Biden went back to the subdued and depressed voice, and dragged out a piece of scripture that fit the situation. Of course his speech writers could not even be bothered to give the chapter and verse (Psalm 34:18); that’s how important it was. As if uttering “scripture” conjures some magical talisman. Biden was barely able to utter a word about comfort or prayer, and then quickly got back on the political agenda.

Scripture says—Jill and I have talked about this in different contexts, in other contexts: “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.” So many crushed spirits.

Therefore, tonight I ask you to pray for your family, and to offer support to the children in this time of darkness.

It was so hard to swallow. It was a sick, small man who tried to use the tragedy of his death to promote gun control.

To bring the tragic moment to a close, it took a compassionate, large man who could focus on comforting others, calming their anger, and allowing them to digest what was happening. Greg Abbott was such a man that Wednesday’s press conference was both a mouth cleanser as well as a relief for the soul.

Abbott first pointed out it was a tragedy. He also reminded us about something else the Left prefers to overlook: the inherent goodness and malignity of these acts.

“To begin with, let me point out the obvious: Evil swept across Uvalde yesterday. Anybody who kills his grandmother must have evil in their hearts. However, it’s far worse to take the lives of children.

It goes well beyond mental illness. Not everyone with mental illness will go out killing innocent people. Abbott continues to describe what it means to be good and the consequences of a bad person taking away that goodness. Evil people will seek out any means to inflict destruction or damage. This shooter’s tool happened to be a gun.

It’s unacceptable that anyone would want to kill children in schools is allowed in our state. Children are a blessing. God is a good teacher. Their laughter fills them. Innocence. Joy. They love their children so much that they give them a present every day. This gift was taken from Uvalde parents. A madman stole the gift.

Abbott went on to address the community’s pain and loss:

“To say the least, Uvalde has been shaken to its core. Broken families are common. The heart is forever broken. All Texans grieve with Uvalde residents, and are angry at what happened. This kind of event can tear down the community’s fabric. We have to protect the community from being destroyed.

Abbott appealed to unity, and he remained focused on the important things This is the time. Whatever solution is needed, it doesn’t take hours or days to fix the problem.

Give people time to grieve and process. Any other approach is an attack.

Every Texasan must support these families. They need our love now more than ever. What they need is uplifting from all of our fellow Texans, all of our fellow Americans.”

What I most appreciated about Abbott’s response is that he grounded all this with facts on the ground and paid honor to the role and courage of law enforcement in blunting this crisis and mitigating the damage.

Fox News and other outlets reported incorrect information regarding the Uvalde shooting, including the details about the shooter. Abbott cautioned against inaccurate information. You made it a pointzu erläutern, ausführlich, all pertinent information as well as where the investigation was at any given moment.

There’s been a lot of things that have been said. There are many things that are true and some that are not. I will share the information that I have. Importantly, it is essential to realize that this ongoing investigation will reveal new information every step of the way.

Texans and Americans alike, especially Texas, are more interested in the facts than speculating over what might have happened. It is the basis of much of the current gun control lobby and legacy media.

The reality is just as terrible as the events that occurred, but it could have been worse. Because law enforcement officials do what they do, it’s not even worse. Amazing courage was displayed by them as they ran toward gunfire with the sole purpose of saving lives. It is true that they saved lives by their rapid response and ability to get on the spot, respond to the gunman and then eliminate him.

Unfortunately, it isn’t enough.

Praying works when you place your attention on what’s beyond you and not what’s here. Greg Abbott knew how to help Uvalde, all Americans, focus on prayer. He gave them clarity and comfort, while also offering love and support as they deal with difficult situations. This is the antithesis of the mockery, sneering, and self-serving agenda resident in Biden’s speech.

Leadership is made or destroyed by tragedy. It is now clear which leader has been forged and which is broken.

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