Woman Who Was Doused in Face With Bear Spray by Attacker: I’m Only Alive Thanks to My Gun

A Denver real estate agent says she owes her life to the fact that she was carrying a firearm while showing a condominium on Sunday.

Dawna Hetzler told Fox 31 a man knocked on the front door not long after she arrived for her scheduled open house in Commerce City.

After being shown the kitchen and living room areas, he asked to see the upstairs. When Hetzler took him to the master bedroom, he pulled a knife and laid out six-inch rope.

“He wanted me to take off my ring and go in the closet, and at that point, his intentions were deadly, in my opinion,” Hetzler told Fox 31.

Heltzer, who is licensed to carry, took out her handgun in response.

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“As I drew my firearm, and he saw that I had that, he doused me with bear spray. At that point, I could not see. I could barely see. My skin was burning, my eyes were on fire and so I fired,” she said.

According to Commerce City Police, it’s not certain if the man was hit by the bullet Hetzler fired. But the shot was enough to scare the man off.

“My primary purpose is to capture this man. We want to get him off the streets so we live in a safe society,” Hetzler said. “My life was in danger and if I did not have my firearm, I would not be here today.”

Police are working Hetzler to create a sketch of the man, which they hope will lead to his arrest.

Dawna Hetzler and the gun debate

The incident comes amid a deadly shooting in El Paso Texas, and another weekend shooting in Dayton, Ohio, which has sparked politicians, pundits and media outlets to rush to explain the tragedies through the lens of their preferred political narratives.

One of the most prominent ideological conflicts to emerge is in the realm of firearms, and whether more or less restrictions on gun ownership are an appropriate response to a surge in mass shootings in America.

In the wake of El Paso liberals have revived their usual calls for increased gun control.

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And conservatives, with a few notable exceptions, have been just as forceful in denying that stricter gun laws will completely solve the problem.

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