Christopher Grant Says He Wishes Mom Brought Gun to Mass Shooting

El Paso Shooting Victim to Anti-Gun CNN Host: Man, I Wish My Mom Had Brought Her Revolver

During an interview on Monday with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, an El Paso shooting survivor lamented the fact that his mother did not have her firearm with her while the deadly attack was taking place.

Christopher Grant is being hailed as a hero for his actions on Saturday, when he threw bottles at the gunman in an attempt to draw his attention.

“They were on the ground, and he still shot them in the head … He had no remorse for their lives at all,” said Grant, who is currently recovering from gunshot wounds received during the shooting, in reference to the shooter.

Grant also told Cuomo that he wished his mother, whom he described as a “gun-wielding grandma,” had brought along the snub nose Smith & Wesson .38 special she carries “everywhere she goes.”

“An hour before we went to Walmart, she decides, ‘We’re just going to Walmart, I’m going to put it in my room,'” he said from a hospital bed at Del Sol Medical Center. “So when I went to her, no gun. And I was like, ‘Oh, my God, you got to be kidding me.'”

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A CNN report on Cuomo’s interview with Grant omitted his exclamation of “Oh, my God, you got to be kidding me” in quoting his remarks.

Christopher Grant and the gun debate after El Paso and Dayton

Not long after the El Paso shooting, and another weekend shooting in Dayton, OH, politicians, pundits and media outlets rushed to explain the tragedy through the lens of their preferred political narratives.

One of the most prominent ideological conflicts to emerge is in the realm of firearms, and whether more or less restrictions on gun ownership are an appropriate response to a surge in mass shootings in America.

In the wake of El Paso liberals have revived their usual calls for increased gun control.

And conservatives, with a few notable exceptions, have been just as forceful in denying that stricter gun laws will completely solve the problem.

Cuomo, for his part, has been a proponent of gun control and has rhetorically tussled with gun rights advocates on various occasions in throughout his career.

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Earlier this year, the “Cuomo Primetime” host faced backlash after he appeared to criticize an armed rape survivor who argued in favor of gun rights for a promotional NRA video.

Just this week, several conservatives expressed skepticism at the thought that Cuomo could play the role of neutral moderator for a CNN Town Hall on the topic of gun violence scheduled for Wednesday evening.


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