Nanny Cam Sends Alert to Dad — Then He Sees Federal Agent Smelling 3-Year-Old Daughter’s Underwear

A former federal agent in Arizona was sentenced to probation last week after being caught on video smelling a 3-year-old girl’s underwear.

The girl’s unnamed father received a motion alert from the nanny cam in his daughter’s room last May, ABC affiliate KNXV reported.

When he checked the video recording he saw Deputy U.S. Marshal David Timothy Moon digging through the laundry hamper in the girl’s room and pulling out a pair of dirty underwear.

The footage showed Moon, 50, appearing to sniff the underwear as he brought it to his face.

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He returned to the child’s room a second time just minutes later. On that occasion, the video shows, Moon appears to notice the nanny cam.

“Goddamn it,” he can be heard saying while covering his mouth.

A forensic psychologist interviewed by KNXV described Moon’s actions as a “compulsion.”

“This isn’t someone who’s unsure and needs to look around and tries to figure out — is this thing what arouses me?” Dr. John Delatorre told the TV station. “He knows immediately.”

Moon’s 24-year tenure as a federal agent came to an abrupt end after the U.S. Marshals Service fired him when it heard the allegations.

After the accusations came to light, Moon’s girlfriend said “he threw out his computer” after learning police were looking for him.

His girlfriend said Moon emailed himself a video of “girls doing gymnastics,” according to a police report.

Moon was initially charged with two counts of felony trespassing with sexual motivation, but plead down to misdemeanor trespassing.

“This is by far the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Moon said in court last week.

Judge Katherine Cooper denied requests from prosecutors that Moon be subject to psychological evaluations and be sent to treatment if needed.

“It can seem unfair,” Judge Cooper said. “It can seem like it’s not enough.”

But Cooper also said there were mitigating factors in the case, such as Moon’s military service, lack of a criminal record and law enforcement work.

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“The court believes that he is sincere in his remorse,” she said.

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