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Colorado Man Robs Bank — Immediately Throws Money in the Air and Yells, ‘Merry Christmas!’

A Colorado man reportedly robbed a bank on Monday afternoon before immediately running outside and throwing the cash into the air, yelling, “Merry Christmas!”

Witnesses told KKTV that after the man, identified as David Oliver, 65, shouted the holiday wishes, he walked to a nearby Starbucks in downtown Colorado Spring, where he sat on the patio and waited to be arrested.

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A manager at the Starbucks said to the Denver Post on Tuesday that Oliver didn’t order a drink and nobody in the store seemed bothered by his presence.

Sgt. Jim Jeffocat, a Colorado Springs police spokesman, told the Post that thousands of dollars were missing from the bank. The total amount has not been disclosed.

Jeffocat would not confirm to the Post that Oliver hurled the money or shouted “Merry Christmas!,” as reported on the Colorado Springs police blotter.

According to police, Oliver claimed to be armed while robbing the Academy Bank. But they said he was arrested without incident and no weapon was found on his person.

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Witnesses said people walking down the street picked up the bills dispersed by Oliver and returned them to the bank.

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