David Hogg ‘Cancels Himself’ for Thinking Abraham Lincoln Was a Good President

Parkland survivor and prominent gun control activist David Hogg “canceled” himself on Wednesday for expressing the opinion that Abraham Lincoln was a “really good president” just hours earlier.

“Actually, I was not aware of the scope of how detrimental he was so many native american populations. He was not a really good president,” Hogg said in a tweet, which contained a link to a 2013 Washington Monthly article entitled, “Lincoln: No Hero to Native Americans.”

In another tweet, Hogg thanked his “indigenous peers” for bringing “attention to Lincoln’s atrocities committed against native Americans.”

“I’m deeply sorry for not acknowledging these crimes that I was unaware of until now. I will do better in the future,” the Harvard University student tweeted.

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Hogg’s initial tweet, in which he expressed admiration for the 16th president of the United States, prompted swift backlash from woke commenters on social media.

This hurts to read @davidhogg111, your indigenous peers mean more than a Lincoln tweet. He was one of the worst. Dakota 38+2, just one example of why. Be a better accomplice, pls,” said one such commenter, in a tweet that captured the general sentiment.

While Hogg’s remarks about Lincoln prompted outrage among liberals, his capitulation to Twitter critics inspired mockery from conservatives.

“David Hogg is literally out here CANCELING himself,” quipped the Washington Examiner writer Siraj Hashmi.

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“Is David Hogg a woke parody account now,” tweeted conservative Twitter personality Ashley St. Clair.

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