Dave Chappelle Calls Protesters ‘Transgender Lunatics’ – Opinion

Dave Chappelle’s current size makes it impossible to cancel. A plus is being a black male. He hasn’t prostrated himself at the transgender alter while asking for forgiveness, and vowing to “do better.” He’s continued to do his thing. He is a comedian.

Last week a Minneapolis venue canceled Chappelle’s show.

Reason: 128 individuals signed an online petition. 128 Signatures. I could create a petition demanding that aliens be released from Area 51 and I’d bet my house that I’d get more than 128 signatures. It’s entirely possible — if not likely — that half of those who signed were bots but never mind, the venue canceled.

Chappelle has made a 20-year career of making fun of white people, but white people didn’t sign petitions to ban him.

The couple spent a minimum amount of $129 on Wednesday in order to witness him making fun of white people and just about everyone else. First, they had to brave a gaggle of sign-holding “transgender lunatics”. They were not a large gaggle but it was a gaggle.

“Transgender lunatics” is not my term (although I accept it without reservation), Chappelle used that term during his Wednesday show. Why? It’s because they are. They are not marginalized, despite their complaints. They are the most powerful “marginalized” group in the history of mankind. They control the media and business narratives. Google, Yahoo and Twitter Reddit ban misgendering and dead-naming. Google and other social media sites, especially Google, have control over what you see and which sources they allow. For instance, doing “research” for this piece all of my search terms and keywords returned a first page of hard-left sites. I had to scroll through multiple pages before I found any center to right-of-center sites commenting on Dave Chappelle’s show. “PinkNews” was on the first page. It’s a hard-left site. Its headline is:

‘Comedian’ Dave Chappelle brands critics ‘transgender lunatics’ and calls monkeypox a ‘gay disease.’

Quotes are for comedians. For PinkNews, Dave’s not funny.

I don’t know what the context of monkeypox being a “gay” disease was during his set but the reality is, the majority of infections are, weirdly, and by total coincidence found in the alphabet community. USA Today quoted Scott Bertani (Director of Advocacy at the National Coalition for LGBT Health). He spoke out as follows:

“While the queer population seems to be associated with this outbreak, we got to remember that the biology of this disease knows no limits with respect to who it can [infect]”.

USA Today went to great lengths in reminding its readers that, although monkeypox almost only infects gay men and is very dangerous, it could in theory infect a Himalayan monk who has been celibate. A monkeypox-infected person could possibly fall from the sky and infect the monk. This could happen. Is that the joke Chappelle used? Doubt it, but that’s the type of mocking complainers hate about Chappelle.

If you insist that a “woman” in a women’s prison who impregnated two women was really a dude you’re going to be on social media life support within minutes. A “woman” with a penis and testicles who IDs as a woman is a woman damn it. It doesn’t matter that that woman has a bat and balls – you’d best bend a knee and accept, contrary to biology, that that “woman” impregnated two other women. Soon you’ll be hearing about men having to have children with women. This has happened before.

Chappelle has, for 20 years, made fun of and mocked everyone and everything That’s what comedy is. However, if you reviewed all of Chappelle’s comedy sets, transgenders likely comprise a tiny portion, yet they are the loudest complainers. What is the secret to transgenders getting what they want? Because business, social media, and government bend the knee apologizing for the slightest slight or “micro-aggression” and insist that they will “do better.” They are scared, apparently, of 128 people signing a petition.

I think the majority of people are like me – if you want to pull on a dress and wig and call yourself a woman that’s your business. Let me be alone. But if you have your junk and yet insist that I must engage in your fantasy and insist that I call you ma’am? That’s a bridge too far. You insist on being a Dalmatian. I will not accept your claim.

You might think and insist that you’re Napoléon Bonaparte, but don’t expect me to call you Emperor.

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