‘Dark Brandon’ Meme Takes on Whole New Meaning After Jen Psaki Admits How Joe Biden Best Operates – Opinion

We reported Monday on the bizarre “Dark Brandon” memes posted by White House officials and other prominent Democrats on Twitter this week in an effort to make President Joe Biden look like a fierce warrior with wild, lit up eyes who ultimately triumphs in his supposedly tough battles with even members of his own party to get things done.

As these things often do for Democrats, the meme backfired pretty quickly when it was pointed out that the eagle in one of them could have easily been mistaken for the same alleged “Nazi imagery” that CPAC organizers were falsely accused by the Washington Post of using in their stage design during the 2021 CPAC event in Orlando.

But sometimes – oftentimes, really, when it comes to this administration – life can very closely imitate art, which is exactly what happened when former Biden White House press secretary Jen Psaki was interviewed by the WaPo recently regarding Biden’s so-called “hot streak” of “wins” just months ahead of the pivotal November midterm elections.

The paper reports that Biden took a deliberate decision to silence his staff at one point and work quietly behind closed doors without being seen in public to obtain what he desired from Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.). As Psaki put it, “Sometimes the best things happen in the dark, away from the public.”

This article contains the following:

The turnaround on the budget bill, Biden’s most startling victory, was the result of a decision to reverse himself sharply and let senators negotiate among themselves, rather than playing a leading role himself — not an easy move for a self-declared master of the Senate. December was the culmination of earlier talks with Sen. Joe Manchin III, D-Va.Biden ordered his staff not disclose details of interactions with Congressmen to remove himself from the public spotlight.

“One of the lessons learned — a big lesson learned — was that letting the negotiations with senators dominate the public conversation was a mistake, because it made it so that disagreements about minutiae became what the public consumed, instead of how pieces of legislation were going to impact people’s lives,” said Jen Psaki, Biden’s former White House press secretary. “Sometimes the best things happen in the dark, away from the public.”

Ironically, the Washington Post published that quote without a second thought on how it betrayed their oft-stated motto about how “democracy dies in darkness”:

It is easy to translate this. When these things are discussed and debated in the public arena, it makes Joe Biden look like the inept, clownish “leader” that he is. However, when he is kept quiet and behind closed doors, it allows for little information to be shared with the public. Bribes to politicians deals that don’t oftentimes make it into initial news reports, thus allowing him and his allies in the mainstream press to declare “victory” in the process.

It’s all so nauseatingly D.C., all so very swamp-like. But that’s just how things operate in our nation’s capital. Until there’s a new sheriff in town – the RightKind of sheriff, and hopefully in 2024, such dark things unfortunately will continue to be the norm rather than the exception.

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