Woke Democrat Claims Jesus Was a Socialist – Get Brutally Corrected by Dan Crenshaw

Rep. Dan Crenshaw came to the defense of Jesus Christ on Sunday, shutting down a feminist politician’s attempt to turn the messiah into a proto-social justice warrior.

The Twitter debate started earlier in the day when Brianna Wu, a failed 2018 Democratic congressional candidate from Massachusetts, questioned the Christian bone fides of conservative commentator Matt Walsh.

Among other things, Wu called Walsh “deplorable,” “an embarrassment,” a racist and “a moneylender at the temple, that has turned into a den of thieves.”

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Citing Wu’s advocacy for abortion rights, Walsh took her condemnation of him as a compliment.

Wu responded that Christianity isn’t clear on abortion, and vaguely claimed that “the thrust” of the Bible is about social justice.

“I think you should read it,” she said.

A number of other conservative commentators then got involved. Allie Beth Stuckley, for one, offered Wu a more conventional reading of Scripture.

“The Bible is about a holy God choosing to save sinners from his wrath by sending his Son, Jesus,” she said. “The Bible isn’t some relativistic magic 8 ball that means whatever someone wants it to mean.”

Wu – still implying that only she has read the Bible – countered that the text can be about both salvation and social justice. In fact, she declared, the teachings of Jesus are “practically socialist.”

That was apparently too much for Crenshaw, who felt the need to clear up what he called Wu’s confusion. Whereas Jesus preached personal generosity, the Texas Republican explained, democratic socialism makes a virtue out of “demanding others share their wealth.”

Wu quickly backed down. Again retreating to theological ambiguity, she effectively conceded that Jesus wasn’t an ancient Marxist who presaged the advent of socialism two millennia in advance.

Ultimately, the Bible just wants Christians to be nice to each other, she decided.

Dan Crenshaw is helping Dems find Jesus

Since returning from combat in Afghanistan and joining Congress this year, Crenshaw become a fearsome combatant in the partisan culture wars.

Not only has he given new swagger, and the cachet of an eye patch, to red-meat issues like Christianityborder control and Sept. 11. But also – and unlike some prominent right-wing commentators –  he has continued to hold down the fort when it comes to defending capitalism.

In an April rebuke of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the flag bearer of American socialism, Crenshaw tweeted: “Stop trying to convince people they need government to save them.”

He might have added: Only Jesus saves.

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