Crenshaw Says ‘Every Single’ Democrat Holds the Same Radical View on Immigration

“Every single Democrat in the House of Representatives does want open borders.”

Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, appeared on Fox News Monday and unloaded on Democrats for blocking the expansion of immigrant detention facilities.

By refusing to fund more space to hold undocumented immigrants, Crenshaw told host Maria Bartiromo, House Democrats had effectively chosen to “catch and release” them into the country to await asylum hearings, which can be months or years in the future.

He said the upshot is that his colleagues are all supporters of open borders, even if they would deny it. The American people, on the other hand, are not.

“Here’s a real problem. I speak to constituents, Democrat and Republican. There are no constituents that I have met who want open borders,” Crenshaw said. “But every single Democrat in the House of Representatives does want open borders. And you can tell they want that because of the policies that they’re pushing.”

Crenshaw clarified: “If you are not for more detention space, it’s because you want them caught and released. And, like you said, they might have a court date that’s eight years in the future. I mean, it’s an enormous amount of time, which effectively means open borders.”

During negotiations to fund the Department of Homeland Security in February, Democrats refused the White House’s request for $4.2 billion for ICE to increase its capacity to detain immigrants.

Crenshaw said the resulting system is unfair to immigrants from around the world who come the United States legally, including in search of asylum.

“People around the world who want to claim asylum in the United states are now confronted with a system that’s completely overwhelmed. They have no chance of getting in,” he said. “Why? Because our good intentions have gotten in our own way. And it’s bad for immigrants.”

Since joining Congress in March, Crenshaw, a former Navy Seal and wounded war veteran, has stepped up as a reliable defender of the president’s hardline immigration policies. He has also proven uniquely capable of shooting down liberal nonsense.

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