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It is often why I keep on Twitter that I am still wondering. Though I like the fast-breaking news tips, the toxic stupidity, particularly among the “verified account” set, makes you wonder if the noise-to-signal ratio is high enough to bother logging in. There is, however, a rare classic moment of self-acceptance that must be witnessed to be believed.

Andy Ngo is a well-known figure if you’ve been following antifa protests and rebellions in the years past, especially during 2020 summer. Andy Ngo, inarguably, is the most brave voice in journalism today. If courage does not mean putting yourself in bodily danger but taking the chance of being excluded from the right parties. Andy’s book has been attacked by Antifa goobers many times. They are always looking for him.

Yesterday, a ‘freelance journalist’ with the epic porn name of Thor Benson and a Twitter bio of “Writer. Featured on @TheDailyBeast. @TheAtlantic. @RollingStone. @NBCNews. @businessinsider. I write about politics, tech and science,” tried to up his street cred with the most stupid and goonish members of society.

Benson is first and foremost the garbage guy in this case. Any person who would walk up to a private citizen in a restaurant and berate them over their politics just to get a few “likes” on Twitter has given up the right to any claim of manhood, maturity, or commonsense…and they’ve given up the right to complain if they get their ass kicked.

We had to have the most bizarre plot twist.

Andy wasn’t in Louisiana and has proof he wasn’t in the restaurant; he was doing a GETTR live cast when the incident took place.


It’s possible, but not impossible. I suppose, in all fairness to “Thor,” that the left does have a problem distinguishing one Asian from another.

There were lots of great reactions to that on Twitter as “Thor” got ruthlessly dragged. The best part was when Andy accused him of lying, and he confessed to the crime in Maryland.

You can choose from a few different types of simple assault. This is commonly called second-degree assault or battery. It is the most common definition of assault. This type of assault is characterized by physical contact with an individual without their consent, as previously mentioned. This contact can be in the form of a poke, putting one’s hands on someone’s shoulders, a punch, a kick, a slap, or a shove. To be considered assault, unwanted contact doesn’t have to involve violence, inflict injuries or cause permanent physical harm.

What is equally probable is that “Thor” saw some Asian guy, thought, “wow, if that was Andy Ngo, I’d tell him off,” and then converted the thought to action by virtue of Twitter.

One thing for sure is that there was at least one garbage person in that bar, and he’s a racist who literally thinks all Asian people look alike. This incident is made more entertaining by the fact that he writes in left-wing publications which are very focused on documenting racism.

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