Crime and a Widow’s Eloquence

Since President Lyndon Johnson’s administration, trust in the government has declined. According to Pew ResearchJust 36 percent of Democrats and Democrat leaning independents trust government, while 9 percent of Republicans or those who are Republican now believe it. They are not blameless considering the poor performance of government at all levels. You might expect that the trust in Democrats would drop since they are often viewed as the party-of-government and have large, criminally-prone cities.

Rarely, does an individual’s voice penetrate the wall of useless political rhetoric like what happened last week at New York Police Detective Jason Rivera’s funeral. Rivera and his partner, Officer Wilbert, were both killed in a car accident. Atrociously murdered by a man who was shot by a third police officer and later died. Lashawn McNeil was 47 years old and on probation for a drug conviction in 2003. His mother claimed that he was mental ill.

Rivera’s widow, Dominique Luzuriaga, received thunderous applause at St. Patrick’s Cathedral when she said: “The system continues to fail us. We are not safe anymore, not even members of the service.”

Alvin Bragg (the Manhattan District Attorney) was among those present. His lenient approach towards criminal suspects, although deplored by cops, unions, and Republican politicians but not enough Democrats, has been decried by many.

In what many believe to have been a direct criticism of Bragg, Dominique Rivera said of her late husband: “I know you were tired of these laws, especially of the ones from the new DA. I hope he’s watching you speak through me right now.”

Bragg issued an additional document. Statement in which he said he is “grieving and praying for Detective Rivera and Officer Mora today and every day, and my thoughts are with their families and the NYPD.” He promised that “violence against police officers will never be tolerated” and “my office will vigorously prosecute cases of violence against police and work to prevent acts like this from ever happening again.” How? He didn’t say.

Bragg and the other district attorneys in large cities, as well liberal Democratic mayors and President Biden do not understand is how they contributed to violence and anarchy that has swept the nation. These people seem to be indifferent to laws that they were sworn to uphold. It doesn’t matter if it is at the southern border or on urban streets where immigrants from other countries continue to arrive, the laws aren’t being followed.

To awaken people to the possibility of anarchy spreading, photos of thieves looting expensive shops and shoplifting with impunity should be shared.

Police officers cannot make streets safe enough for citizens.

How can we help? The return to capital punishment should be an option for those on bond and those who have killed again. No amount of “feel good” policies will restore order. It would take a lot to rid the world of the evil murderers. People are also being forced onto the subway tracks, and then attacked while they walk along sidewalks. These criminals should not be treated as misbehaving children, who are then sent back to breakfast the next morning.

People tend to ignore monstrous stories and focus on other things. Not forgetting recent police shootings in New York City, Harris County, Texas and other places is a good idea to prevent them from becoming more frequent and compromising public safety. Ultimately, it is up to voters to put people in office who will do more than offer “thoughts and prayers.”

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