CRICKETS: Nets Silent on Biden Telling Teachers: ‘They Are All Our Children’

Yet another week of networks concealing any Joe Biden comments that could reflect poorly on President Obama and diminish the chances for the Democrats to retain power in 2022’s midterms. Last Wednesday, at a White House event, Joe Biden declared to a group of teachers: “They’re all our children. They are not somebody else’s children.” 

The remark was made by NBC, CBS, and ABC. Biden announced the following:

They’re not someone else’s children, they’re our children…. You have heard me say it many times about our children, but it is true. They’re all our children. And the reason you are the teachers of the year is because you recognize that…. They’re not somebody else’s children. They’re like yours when they’re in the classroom.” 

While the networks avoided Biden’s bout of honesty, Fox News covered it. Here’s Fox and FriendsStarting Thursday 



Last fall, Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe said in a debate: “I’m not going to let parents come into schools and actually take books out and make their own decisions… I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” 

McAuliffe became then the first Democrat since 2009 to lose the gubernatorial elections. So it’s easy to see why media outlets don’t want to cover a story like this. 

Obviously, the innocent explanation for Biden’s comments are simply to illustrate how much good teachers care about their students. That is what so many teachers are doing. It is This would close the debate. But between Critical Race Theory and Florida’s battle for parental rights, clearly the networks are trying to avoid uncomfortable interpretations for the gaffe-prone Biden and Democrats. A new poll shows that 61 percent support Ron DeSantis, especially since the effort is supported by 61 percent. 

CBS Mornings last Thursday did not cover Biden’s comments, but they did note the event.  Journalist noted that winner Kurt Russell (not the actor) was being recognized for his “These classes are about race, gender, oppression.” 

Below is a transcript from Fox and Friends’ April 28 Fox and Friends. 

Fox and Friends
6:25 AM ET 


JOE BIDEN – They are our children. You recognize this, and you are therefore the teacher award winner. These children aren’t like any other child. They will be just as yours in class. 

STEVEN DOOCY: The children are yours when you are in the classroom, he told the teachers. 

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