Crazed Seattle Pro-Abortion Protesters Resort to Intimidation and Lies at a Church – Opinion

There’s something about not being able to sacrifice babies on the altar of Baal, Moloch, or Karen that really drives the pro-abortion crowd to weird behavior. Their behavior ranges from strange to violent, as they have lost the fight against abortion.

It was obvious that the Seattle leftists would get angry in the middle of this chaos. These activists were dressed in matching attires with picket signs and bullhorns to face every opposition.

The videos show that these abortionists attempted to enter St. James Cathedral when mass was being held. You can see that most were dressed in hospital gowns with fake blood. This outfit was accompanied with a hanger prop.

The two of them laid their bodies on the steps. According to the lady shrieking into the bullhorn, it seems their point was that Christians are responsible for the deaths of women who couldn’t get an abortion and so decided to try doing it themselves, resulting in a Darwin award. Apparently, the woman’s choice of trying to abort the baby herself is the Christian’s fault.

Protesters tried to get into the church several times. Both security forces and the authorities were there to prevent them. One protester attempted to grab the arm a security guard but was stopped. She appears to be making a scene of falling down stairs, and then staying there as though she was hurt. The guard is then screamed at by other protesters with accusations of being a “predator” and a “pedophile.”

It is odd that the radical left has chosen to accuse children of being sexually-charged subjects.

Language warning. These people like to spew toxicity and you know that’s going to come with some choice words.

The tactic is pretty evident by now, as it’s been the same tactic for decades. Start by going in to cause trouble, try to get someone to resist, and then say that this was an inappropriate moment of violence. The church is private property and these protesters weren’t allowed in for obvious reasons. They clearly weren’t there to speak respectfully and calmly with those who disagree with them in an attempt at good-faith debate. They wanted to incite and disturb. They were aware that anyone who attempted to get access without permission would be physically blocked.

They could then argue that they protested peacefully when their enemies became violent. Two brain cells would be able to recognize that the act is a hoax and that they were not in any danger. There are some people who believe that they were, and they make this drama to convince their friends and create a false sense of security.

It would seem that the protest theme puts these women in peril, as well as themselves. If you’re willing to stick coat hangers into places where it could cause irreparable damage in order to kill your own child, then some introspection is in order to better bring your concerns into focus.

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