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Covid-19 Obviously Isn’t Going Anywhere. Here’s What to do About it

I get so frustrated with the way the media constantly handles this pandemic.  I’m tired of politicians and fear mongering media personalities on both sides of the aisle using fear to control us.  Shutting down schools, sporting events, mandatory mask wearing to walk 15 feet past the check in at the gym and other ridiculous rules really frustrate me.  I genuinely care about the vulnerable in our population.  The thing that frustrates me is that COVID isn’t going away anytime soon.  I already got COVID, so did my wife and my two oldest boys.  For us, it wasn’t that bad.  A couple days of not feeling great and we were back to normal.

My point in telling you this is that what I wish more people would talk about is that a healthy lifestyle might not keep you from catching the virus, but it will for sure help you get over it much more quickly and then you can move on with your life without fear of hurting the vulnerable people in your life, like your older parents who are at higher risk of becoming very sick.

In my opinion, the best way to put this COVID crap behind us is to genuinely make some healthy changes in our lifestyle!

I have friends that are on diets like Keto, Vegan, intermittent fasting and all these other diets.  Often, those things can be fleeting and unsustainable.  People almost always quit with anything too drastic.  So let’s try to make some slow and small changes to our lifestyle, that over time, will make a huge improvement in our lives and on our health.

Living a healthy lifestyle does so much more than make us look better.  It teaches us discipline and focus, it improves our relationships, it will boost our immune systems and most importantly, it makes us happier and helps us treat others better and that makes everyone in our lives happier!

A strict diet or a 30 day challenge might be a good kick start but what we really want are changes that last for a lifetime.

Like I’ve said, consistency is the key.  Make small changes that you can be committed to and that even if you go on a trip for a few days, you can do while you’re there, and then get back into your normal routine when you get home.

Here are a few things you can do to make health and fitness become a lifestyle.

-Find activities and exercises that you like

There is no way you will be consistent with something that you totally hate.  For some of you, maybe just start with taking the dog for a walk every day.  Consistently doing low intensity exercise will pay off far more than high intensity activities that you only do every once in a while.

-Be Patient

Noticeable results take time.  Everything good in life takes dedication over time.  Trust me, making a small effort every day will make you feel good about yourself and it will help you push a little harder the next day!  Don’t think about getting to some perfect point, just focus on becoming a more active person who makes healthier choices.

-Don’t give up your favorite foods

I LOVE pizza!  When I was in college, I actually ate pizza every single day.  Now I just have pizza every Saturday night.  It actually gives me something to look forward to.  I don’t really believe in trying to make healthier versions of what you love, because it is never as good as the real thing.  Just give yourself a time to indulge once in a while and then get back on track.

-Try to Be a Little Bit Better Version of Yourself Every Day

It’s fine to follow people on social media that motivate you.  But remember, you are your own person.  There are a lot of things I love about the former Navy Seal, David Goggins, but I don’t want to be him, and I’m not competing with him.  I’m competing with myself and I’m trying to make my life better.  Happiness comes from self improvement.  Comparison only creates jealousy, envy and disappointment.

-Try New Things

I know that I love my fitness routine right now, but I look forward doing some more yoga and golf with my wife someday soon.  Sometimes trying something new really keeps things fun. I used to think I hated Thai Food, now Massaman Curry Chicken is one of my favorite things.  Try new activities and new foods.

Remember, we are here to have joy and there is no joy without challenges and trials.  Just push yourself a little bit each day.  Treat your body and mind right and you will have more happiness and joy and you will have plenty to share and this will make everyone around you feel happier too!

Adam Legas
Founder/ CEO Nanohydr8
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