Cosplaying Nazis and Other Leftist Plants – Opinion

Were the half dozen “Nazis” who showed up at Turning Point USA’s event in Florida, actual Nazis, or neo-Nazi actors playing rolls? I don’t know and the media covering the event at the scene couldn’t be bothered to find out. Whoopi Goldberg may be the most stupid person you’ve ever seen. She slandered the event organizers by falsely claiming they were “let into the event.”

Are media able to question these Nazi flag-wielding bad guys? Can’t someone follow one of them to the hole they crawled out of? The Lincoln Project revealed last year that they had sent actors to Glen Youngkin events. The media was collectively aghast at Youngkin for endorsing the “Tiki Torch 5,” even as The Lincoln Project was admitting they did it. They were actors. The Lincoln Project lawn gnomes were the only ones who owned it.

Is it possible that people with Nazi flags show up to events as paid actors?

I don’t know, prove me wrong. I have a cartoon that proves I’m right…right?

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