Corporate Media Have ‘Gosnelled’ The Ohio Child Rape Story

When the Ohio child rape scandal was able to advance a pro-abortion narrative, corporate media were captivated. But the more complex story has been kept secret from the general public. It does not advance an abortion agenda. This is similar to the trial of Kermit Gosnell, a Philadelphia-based abortionist.

Gerson Flores was charged with rape and has been denied bond at a separate hearing. But coverage continues to center around abortionist Dr. Caitlin Bernard, who corporate media have decided to simultaneously cast as both the true hero and “real victim” of this horrendous story. 

Megan Fox of PJ Media and Mia Cathell from Townhall are two examples of reporters that have devoted much more column space than usual to the topic. Consider the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s writeup of Flores’ indictment: 4 paragraphs were devoted to the indictment and underlying crime, versus 12 paragraphs devoted to the issue of abortion. It is a clear example of the way the other corporate media, with the exception of Telemundo, have reported the story. 

The child victim has been virtually erased from the story. The story is centered around abortion. They willfully abandon the child victim.

  • Jan-May 2022: The child is raped
  • 6/22/22
  • 6/30/22: In Indiana, Dr. Barnard gives an abortion
  • 7/6/2022: Child reports Flores as the Rapist to Law Enforcement
  • 7/12/2022: Flores was arrested
  • 7/21/2022 Flores was indicted

One example: Is it possible that the Ohio authorities failed to report the child’s rape prior to the Indiana abortion. Is the child gone? Why was she not sheltered immediately after identifying her mother’s paramour to authorities as her rapist? She was allowed to possibly remain in the same house as her rapist. A full three-week periodWhat if the incident was not reported at first? Is the mother facing dependency proceedings for failing to protect her child? Local authorities have resisted every effort to get non-invasive information about any protective steps that were taken for the child.

Fox and Cathell appear to be the two only reporters who are interested in finding these answers. They seem to have a special interest in justice for the child. Previously, corporate media treated the child as an inconvenience prop in order of an broader abortion narrative. 

The deep and abiding interest in keeping this messy side of the story under wraps has a disturbing parallel with the media’s efforts to keep the trial and conviction of abortionist Kermit Gosnell under wraps. Gosnell was convicted of the murders three infants who were born alive, though he was also alleged to have been responsible for hundreds more. The gruesome details of his abortion practice were deemed to be a local crime story, and thus kept from a broader national public that would’ve been horrified at the scope of the brutality that went on at his clinic. The wider pro-abortion agenda was furthered by this suppression, which also includes the current suppression of Ohio’s child rape story.

Then and now,  corporate media remain singularly devoted to the cause of abortion on demand.


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