Cops Get Shot at by an Arrested Man’s Family Member — Who’s Four – Opinion

If you’re searching for a story to encapsulate the state of America, this should be a solid contender.

In Midvale, Utah, a man visited a McDonald’s drive-thru. After inspecting the order, he concluded that fast food employees had made a mistake.

From Salt Lake City’s KUTV:

[S]adaat Johnson, 27, became upset with…workers who prepared his “surf and turf” burger order, according to a police report. 

Johnson went back through the drive-up window and exchanged words with employees…

Sadaat thought of a way to provide superior service. He brandished his pistol.

Employees asked Johnson to move to the front of their store while they finished his order.

You shouldn’t be surprised that they called 911. Unified Police quickly arrived on the scene.

The first arriving officers approached Sadaat’s Honda. The officers ordered Sadaat to leave the CRX. Instead, he rolled down the window and was pulled from his car by police. As the cops struggled to get rid of him, a police officer suddenly shouted:

“Gun! gun! gun!”

One gunshot was followed by more commanding sounds.

“Shots fired! Drop the gun!”

These exclamations are unusual.

“Kid! Kid! Kid! Kid!”

Soon after, The New York Post reported that:

The dad gave instructions while the police were apprehending him [his] 4-year-old child — who was still in the vehicle — to shoot the officers. According to cops, they observed a hand and small arm holding a gun from the car.

As the gun fired, a police officer struck the weapon, and the bullet flew upwards. The bullet then hit an awning at a restaurant. 

The officer’s arm was burned by the muzzle of the gun. The bullet flew just over the heads of two blue-colored boys.

The children — of which the younger was three — were escorted into the McDonald’s. According to the gun-packing preschooler, he explained why he stole a cap.

“I grabbed my dad’s gun and tried to shoot the police so he could be free and do what he wanted.”

The hand-cannon used by the baby was a Smith & Wesson SD9 VE:


CBS2 offers more information:

Johnson later told investigators it wasn’t the first time that his four-year-old son had stolen his gun.

In February, the shooting took place. Sadaat was convicted of aggravated abuse and child cruelty in June. Sadaat was sentenced to 120-days in prison and probation.

And this week, the incident’s bodycam footage was released:


America’s children used to be taught respect for their elders not too long ago. For police officers, they are community heroes and best friends.

Some may argue that corruption in the department has damaged trust. There is also something happening within the culture.

These days, forget being addressed as “sir” or “ma’am.” Watch your back — that rugrat might grab his gat and light up your geriatric jeans.

It’s a social collapse, or Language Warning.

The country’s fate is uncertain, but don’t expect a return to civility soon.

And if you’re thinking of joining the force, maybe ask yourself this first: Are you willing to engage in firefights with perpetrators in pampers? You might not want to pursue a career as a law enforcer.



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