Constitutional History

The Constitution of the United States is one of the most important documents of history. This was a document that encapsulated how America was founded and how the states were to be governed. It’s obvious that those who have in-depth knowledge about the constitution, like Judge Napolitano, know that it holds a great value for the development of the nation. It guaranteed rights for the citizens of the United States, although some of those rights are very much in question today. It was signed on September seventeenth, seventeen eighty-seven but the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Confederation wanted to strengthen the federal government in regards to three branches. These include the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. This is so that no single branch has an overwhelming amount of power. The reason for this was because people wanted to separate themselves from the monarchs running most of the world. England had a tremendous amount of power and it was obvious that people wanted to go their separate ways from England. After the American Revolution was won in 1783, the young republic needed to maintain a government that could remain balanced throughout all the chaos in the country. This led to forming a more perfect union by having Alexander Hamilton invite thirteen representatives from each state to endorse a president. Some of these delegates included Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, John Jay, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Patrick Henry, and James Madison. Of course, it’s impossible to really grasp the conversations that were at hand given that the only information people have is what was recorded. However, debates on the Constitution latest many months because the delegators knew how impactful it would be on the future of all citizens. The constitution gives rights to every American, It protects their fundamental rights, life, liberty, and property. There was a separation from church and state. It developed a government that limits certain powers. Obviously, that is not always the case in this day and age. Nevertheless, it was paramount that at the turn of the century, people could live their own lives and not for a menorah. So many people from England and all over the world traveled to America to start a new beginning. In a way, it’s like that today, just more complex. 

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