Consider These 6 Factors When Selecting a CDMO

It is very difficult to design, refine, and produce Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs), such as Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) products. One of the most crucial aspects in determining the future of your product is selecting a trustworthy Contract Development Manufacturing Organization (CDMO). You require a capable, reliable, and adaptable partner who is up for new challenges and will meet the demands of your product. Since the collaboration would be advantageous to both parties, a great CDMO should also serve as a consultant. Several factors should be taken into account when choosing a possible CDMO partner during the selection process. In the context of CGT development, process optimization, and production, this blog addresses typical frequently asked questions and aspects relating to the process of CDMO selection.


When choosing a partner, quality is a major factor, but when it comes to sterile production and proving compliance with strict international regulatory requirements, it is extremely essential. To ensure that your product is entirely compliant with all applicable laws in all the major markets where you intend to sell it, a CDMO should be completely knowledgeable about and an expert in those laws. A good CDMO should be able to show you that it has a plan in place for preserving a high level of quality over time. This implies that the CDMO needs to have mechanisms for continuous improvement, as seen at, a quality manual, and personnel training. A production team with insufficient training or an inability to address problems like deviations can be expensive or even disastrous for a drug product. To provide you with confidence in the paperwork they give you for regulatory bodies, your CDMO should also be able to show that they have systems in place to guarantee and demonstrate data integrity. And finally, a manufacturing partner should have a culture of accountability. People who work in accountable organizations show a high level of ownership and act and think in ways that support organizational goals. The success of a project is significantly impacted by an accountability culture, which also significantly strengthens the client-CDMO connection.

Calculating the Costs of New Drug Development

It’s vital to keep in mind that biotech businesses frequently give final cost calculations that do not include all the necessary data when discussing industry average costs. Certain businesses’ reported numbers may be excluded from certain types of capital expenses paid throughout the protracted preclinical drug discovery process, which typically spans a period of at least ten years. Even if a business decides to add these fees to the high costs associated with carrying out various clinical trials, they hardly ever specify whether their final costs include out-of-pocket costs, capitalized costs, or both. The fact that public estimates are only based on data that businesses willingly disclose further complicates matters; because sensitive or proprietary information may be withheld, these figures might not accurately reflect expenses.

Does The CDMO Have The Experience With Selected Cells?

Allogeneic and autologous products both significantly enhance the number of CGT cancer therapies. T-cells, NK cells, and other cells are frequently employed to produce CGT. Due to the accelerated production and increased number of cells isolated from the starting material, it is a crucial component of the CDMO selection.


Do they demand that you use their method, and if so, will doing so violate your intellectual property? The CDMO should be able to adapt to your process unless there is a compelling reason not to (such as scalability or reagent availability); this may require bringing in new equipment, new reagents, new in-process measuring techniques, etc. You should also ask what their policy is regarding unique requests.


The thing you should consider is how important client privacy is to them. What behaviors do they exhibit during phone and video conferences? Do they casually mention other clients by name, for instance? When sharing screens, are they reckless enough to leave client names accessible in files and folders? Do you see any papers, notes, or other exposed materials when you visit their offices, that might reveal the names of other clients or the details of other operations (such as I.P.)?

Minimize The Risk

Designing, building, and maintaining new facilities that can supply the elements required for effective drug development involves enormous expenses. The risks associated with this significant expenditure are increased by the very variable time frame required for process development. These facilities would be in charge of managing the necessary transition from lab-scale to commercial-scale manufacture whenever a novel medicine is eventually discovered. The expansion or repurposing of existing facilities to accommodate scale-up at this phase would require extra financial expenditure for a business that chooses to build its own facilities. For businesses looking to discover novel pharmacological ingredients, having the option to forego part of the associated expenditures is a crucial tactical choice. Biotech firms can reduce their risk in terms of initial required and ongoing expenditure by outsourcing every stage of process development and scale-up to a suitably equipped contract development and manufacturing organization. Additionally, this enables these businesses to concentrate their efforts on their main goals and technical specialties: research and development.

The CDMO is a company that specializes in the creation and development of unique formulation technologies and specialized pharmaceutical products. It’s crucial to pick the right one, since they collaborate with drug sponsors to develop creative solutions to complex drug delivery difficulties and produce new treatments. They offer formulation, analytical, and manufacturing services to pharmaceutical companies. We sincerely hope that this blog has assisted you in understanding the noble principles of such organizations.

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