Man Reports His Pistol Stolen — So Police Take Away All His Guns and License to Carry

A Connecticut man had his pistol permit and firearms seized by authorities after he reported the theft of one of his guns on Monday.

Officers responded on Tuesday to a report of car burglary made by Christopher Jerome, 26, the New Haven Register reported.

He told police that, believing he would get back into the vehicle shortly, he didn’t lock his car doors after parking on Monday evening.

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Jerome said the next day he discovered his pistol had been lifted from the car’s unlocked glove box and the driver’s side door was open.

Police arrested Jerome on a reckless endangerment charge.

Under a recently implemented state law, police then entered Jerome’s home and removed the rest of his firearms: a Glock, another handgun and an AR-15.

The new law, which took effect on Oct. 1, prohibits storing a handgun in an unattended motor vehicle if it is not in the trunk, a locked safe or a locked glove box.

Authorities also seized his pistol permit, which according to one police official, will likely be revoked.

Capt. Richard Conklin told The Register the state believes storing a firearm in a car – even a locked car – is not “a prudent thing to do.”

“A car is like a glass box. If you take out any of the windows, it is no longer locked,” Conklin said.

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He also said small safes shouldn’t be an option either, since they can be easily taken out of vehicles.

Jerome has been released after posting a $1,000 bond.

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