Congressional Candidate Jason Preston Clashes with Satanic Temple in Utah

The Satanic temple gathered with over 200 people on the steps of the Utah state capitol building on Saturday, Sept. 25 claiming abortion should be protected as a religious right in the church of Satan.

Pro-Life Utah, and Utah Patriots held a counter pro life rally reminding people that the constitution protects all people’s rights to life, liberty and property including the voiceless.

Congressional Candidate Jason Preston was the concluding speaker. He said, “We don’t have an abortion problem in this country anymore than we have a gun problem. We have a family problem. The breakdown of the family is at the root of our social breakdowns.”

He continued; “The constitution was written for a moral and religious people” quoting John Adams, 3rd president of the United States. “We must stop focusing on other people and focus on the enemy within. This country and constitution will not be saved by legislation or politicians; it must be saved in our homes. We must put our lives in order, and then focus on raising a generation that can restore the light of liberty to this country.”

Jason Preston is running for Congress in Utah’s 3rd district.

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