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Because we write a lot about Critical Race Theory, on who supports it and who is against is as well as the dangers of implementing it in public school classrooms, we sometimes get questions along the lines of “what is the best way to explain CRT in a short, sweet, and simple way that would make sense to people who don’t understand the argument in order to help them be more aware of what’s going on?”

Opinions, of course, vary on the best way to go about it. I’m one who likes to try to keep things as simple as possible when explaining my viewpoint to a person. Not only have I found that’s the best possible approach that works for me when trying to convince someone of something, but I prefer the same approach to be used on me as well. Academic and technical arguments have their advantages, but it’s easy to get lost in all the fancy lingo that not everyone understands [insert EyesGlazedOver.gif here].

With that in mind, we turn to Condoleezza Rice’s appearance today on “The View.” Rice, who was a national security advisor and then the Secretary of State under former President George W. Bush, was asked about a number of topics from the supposedly enlightened leftist “View” co-hosts, including on the Capitol riot, the passing of her former colleague and Bush’s first Secretary of State Colin Powell, as well as her view on Critical Race Theory from the perspective of a black woman who grew up in the segregated south.

Rice’s argument blew me away in terms of both her calm approach and the beautiful simplicity of it. She proved that there’s no need to launch into a two-hour diatribe with PowerPoint slides (though if you’re making a formal presentation to elected officials and other public figures of import and power, it might be necessary). She needed just 60 seconds to stun the “woke” co-hosts into silence, making the case that it’s important for both black and white children to grow up feeling empowered, and for black children not to be taught that their white schoolmates are racists, and for the white students to not be made to feel like they should have to shoulder the guilt over bad things that happened in our nation long before they were born.


Stephanie Guerilus, who is the senior editor/writer for black culture online outlet “Grio,” also watched the segment, and was impressed by how Rice and co-host Whoopi Goldberg managed to have a respectful discussion about the subject, which is not just a rare thing for “The View” but also for America, in general, these days:

Two people in the same room, debating the same topic from differing perspectives without blowing up, and then being able to end it gracefully? To quote CNN media hall monitor Brian Stelter, “how refreshing!” And to have the case against CRT made so eloquently, even more so.

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