‘Combat Park’ Lets Civilians Pay $500 to Drive a Tank Around Crushing Cars

A military-themed amusement park that opened in Alabama on Saturday lets visitors drive a tank, the Anniston Star reported

Starting at a rate of $150, Combat Park in Eastaboga lets patrons get inside an Abbot 105mm self-propelled gun, artillery used by the British Army, and venture around a half-mile course.

For $399, visitors can add a car-crushing to their tank excursion.

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The establishment also features military snowcats, humvees, miniature tanks that hold one occupant.

Riders in the mini-tanks, which shoot paintballs, are encouraged to “battle” each other.

“The idea here is to shoot the other tanks, but I happened to hit one of my coworkers in the facemask,” a Star staff writer recounted of his experience at Combat Park.

After riding a tank, visitors can head over to two paintball fields, one of which is military-themed.

Ross Winner, a U.S. army veteran, and Bill Williams, who served in the U.S. Navy, came up with the idea for Combat Park because they “wanted something for families to do.”

Combat Park gives back

The business gives a share of its revenue to Wounded Warrior Alabama, a non-profit that aims to assist veterans.

“My conception was to have no more money to leave the state. Our veterans have as much need as any other veteran in any other state,” Winner told the Star.

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“We just don’t do wounded warriors, we do all veterans and their spouses, because the spouse served just as much, sometimes more,” he added.

Even though the attraction has only been open for less than a week, it’s already making a big impression on service members. Williams told the Star about an 86-year-old Korean War veteran with mobility issues who hadn’t left his house in months.

“He cried when we showed up,” Williams said.

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