College Writer Who Challenged Stelter: He Had ‘No Apology, No Remorse Whatsoever’ for CNN

Friday is Tucker Carlson TonightChristopher Phillips, a University of Chicago student journalist reports that Brian Stelter made no apology or showed any remorse for CNN’s biased reporting after being questioned by him at the conference “Disinformation. The Erosion of Democracy”.

Phillips said to Carlson, he and his two co-writers at the Chicago Thinker newspaper saw “a ton of legacy media employees whose entire careers have been spreading disinformation. These people are the ones telling us how we can avoid disinformation. So you know, I hear Brian Stelter, and he talks for 30 minutes about how Fox News is this huge purveyor of disinformation, they’re the enemy of the people. And then I come up and I say, wait a second, run that back because actually, CNN, from what I’ve seen at least, is probably 10 times the purveyor of disinformation that you claim Fox News to be and, you know, he didn’t really have a great answer for it.”


CARLSON : But, you know what? Some of your examples, you know. They are subjective. Your view was correct. However, some were only objective. CNN dismissed Hunter Biden’s laptop in disinformation as Russian. The kid who is doing this on camera was not. Won’t it be better if Hunter Biden would have stated: “Yes, they got in, you know. That’s my apologies. That would’ve worked, wouldn’t it?

PHILLIPS (Gosh): To be honest, I wasn’t expecting him to turn over the keys to say that, “You know what? We’re corrupt.” Chris, make CNN the truth. However, I expected him to admit that we had retracted the stories and would like to apologise.


PHILLIPS – We always tell you to clean your record — and we did. However, there were no excuses. No remorse was shown. You know, it’s not my fault. This is not your fault. He said the same things on CNN. This is all documented.

Carlson stated that “everybody has made mistakes”, and everyone should be able to admit them. Carlson asked other university students what their reactions were to his statements. 

MARK PHILLIPS (Philippines): There’s lots of pressure on students to follow the radical agenda and conform to leftist narratives. So just working for “The Chicago Thinker,” really is, you know, kind of inviting you to be canceled, in a sense, but a lot of people I have to say, actually really liked my question. They believed it was fair. It was fair. They thought it was honest. It was pure journalism.

Everyone who said that it was not for everyone is a great person. However, it is something I believe I did well in questioning Brian about CNN’s bias.

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