College Student Writes a Paper About the Racism of Creamer Colonizing Coffee, His Teacher Loves It – Opinion

What are your levels of awokeness? If you’re not fighting the colonization of all things, then the answer is likely “not enough.”

You can see the case of Arvid Haag, a college student.

As reported by — via the translation of an article by FriaTider — 27-year-old Arvid signed up for a “Critical Whiteness Perspectives on Nordic Culture” class at Sweden’s Stockholm University.

As stated by RT, “Local pandemic grant rules had equipped him and other students with an unexpected financial aid windfall, he said, and he figured he could ‘get something fun out of it’ by taking up what he thought was a harmless if absurd class.”

Arvid explained that he had a shocking awakening.

“It’s one thing that there is a course coordinator in Sweden who thinks this makes sense. But everyone who read the course seemed to swallow it with gusto, too.”

The big assignment arrived: Arvid was required to write a paper with at least 10,000 words.

The youngster surveyed the world’s unfairness and fingered a hot cup of white-against-black problematic privilege.

Coffee is dark. Why should Caucasian creamer not be permitted to penetrate Liquids of Color palely?

For three hours, Arvid carefully composed his essay, titled “Black and White Drinks.”

The young man described it as an “account of what has happened from the early 20th century in the struggle between coffee and milk.”

According to RT, he construed “the marketing of coffee, its reveling in ‘problematic’ ethnic terms, and how it had been ‘characterized by the highlighting of black and exotic elements of the drink.’”


Milk, in contrast, had been marketed based on its “local and white” characteristics.

This was classic colonization.

Referring to the common practice of stirring milk into coffee, he questioned whether the mix was truly “reconciling” the two liquids, or if, instead, it was actually “imposing” white properties on the black drink.

From his treatise, by way of an online translation:

You can see milk in coffee with critical glasses. This is called a drinking colonization. Hot and powerful coffee becomes softer and more flavorful with milk. The milk controls the process and domesticates it.

Arvid constructed his entire argument as a joke — he hadn’t even read his cited sources.

Nor did he — per RT — understand what “critical whiteness perspectives” even meant.

How much grade is this effort likely to get?

Arvid’s professor called the choice of clashing cultural chemicals an “exciting topic” courtesy of “creative thinking.”

In fact, it was ripe for a “longer essay.”

The Black Coffee Matters endeavor earned a solid “B.”

It’s a strange time when you can’t tell the difference between satire and an ideological revolution.

Despite Arvid’s location outside of America, his story is right at home here.

Think about the example of Peter Boghossian from Portland State University.

He became disillusioned with his education employer, as I reported last September.

In Peter’s own words:

“I noticed signs of the illiberalism that has now fully swallowed the academy quite early during my time at Portland State. It was shocking to see students refuse to hear other viewpoints. At diversity trainings, faculty who challenged accepted narratives were dismissed immediately. Microaggressions was the accusation levelled at those who requested evidence for new institutional policies. And professors were accused of bigotry for assigning canonical texts written by philosophers who happened to have been European and male.”

One professor devised a plan to emphasize academic absurdity.

It was an amazing failure.

“[I]In 2017, I published an intentionally ambiguous peer-reviewed paper, which took aim at new orthodoxy. Its title: ‘The Conceptual Penis as a Social Construct.’ This example of pseudo-scholarship, which was published in Cogent Social Sciences, argued that penises were products of the human mind and responsible for climate change. Immediately thereafter, I revealed the article as a hoax designed to shed light on the flaws of the peer-review and academic publishing systems.”

Well, at least his conceptual penis wasn’t dipped into colonized coffee — that kind of bigotry could’ve burned.

As for Arvid’s farcically woke workup, he suspects his teacher missed the preposterous point:

“[It]He must have thought he was crazy. His only criticism was that I didn’t have the exact source references on my photos.”

Well, maybe he’ll finesse the photos next time around.

After all, there’s much more to be mined, including the following — previously pinpointed by Chris Rock’s SNLNat X character:

In the meantime, for those of you who crave caffeine, here’s an antiracist workaround:

You can be wakened by coffee, but also wake up from it.

Take care of your health.



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