Colbert: Biden Should Slap Peter Doocy Like Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock

CBSLate ShowStephen Colbert (D.N.Y.), host, clearly knows his audience. He mocked Fox’s Peter Doocy’s question to President Biden and suggested that Biden should slap Doocy’s face like Will Smith did with Chris Rock at Oscars. It was a hit with the crowd. Jim Acosta isn’t expected to say that this will cause violence or death for reporters.

COLBERT: Yesterday, President Biden held a press conference, and he was asked a ridiculous question by a ridiculous man: Fox News reporter and that one kid in high school who wears a suit to gym class, Peter Doocy. Jimmy, please drop the deuce. 

PETER DOOCY: When you said a chemical weapon used by Russia would trigger a response in kind? 

BIDEN: It will trigger a significant response. 


BIDEN: You don’t have to hear it. Why would you believe me? It’s okay to laugh at yourself. (Laughter ) ( Applause ) 

COLBERT: Remember– ( applause ) Yes. Remember how on last night’s show I said that slapping is never, ever the answer? I’d like to file a one-time exception on behalf of the president of the United States. (Applause)

Curtis Houck, our Briefing Expert noted that Doocy was among many White House reporters who asked Biden questions about his walk-back comments about Putin’s removal from power. Doocy suggested to Biden here that telling Putin he would “inkind” respond to a chemical attack sounds almost like he would counter with chemical warfare.

Colbert mocked Doocy as wanting all of our national-security secrets: “Uh, Peter Doocy, Fox News. I’ve got two more questions. I have two more questions. First, where are all American troops located? Can you also give me the codes for nuclear launches? Please tell me if one is a four.

Colbert apparently modeled journalistic decorum after CBS reporter Ed O’Keefe. He asked the leftist question on the January 6 Democrat Committee with texts from Ginni Tom about 2020.

Colbert hosts his program for Democrats. So naturally, in 2018, Colbert invited Jim Acosta (CNN yeller) to his show to recognize him as a courageous member of “enemies” of the people.

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