CODE RED: 2022 Predictions – Opinion

Everyone must make 2022 predictions in the first week of January. It’s a law. These are my examples.

  1. A scholarship is available from a university for swimming (athletic) or other sports.
  2. Liz Cheney, who is seeking to be president of the local bingo club, was defeated.
  3. Hillary Clinton announces third bid for the second spot.
  4. California passed legislation that allowed in vitro COVID vaccinations. The child was born with a mask.
  5. AOC’s eyes literally pop out of her head after her Abuela announces she’s a Republican.
  6. Brian Stelter finally identifies as the thing he is…a potato.
  7. Biden announces the Whxte House name for the White House.
  8. Twitter bans “Let’s,” and “Go,” and “Brandon.”
  9. Jen Psaki announces she’s not really a redhead and is praised for being honest, for once.
  10. Nancy Pelosi spontaneously combusts leaving ash in a pattern that appears to be “666.”

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